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By Alex C-BPublished 7 years ago 3 min read
From the Yosuki records compilation Game Over

Welcome back, to the stage of history.

Welcome back, to the stage of history.

The year 2000.

SoulCalibur Sacrifice echoes in the booth. Marshall Mathers, alias Slim Shady, syncs into the rhythm fresh out of his major-label debut album. The beat takes you to a battle arena, head-on with a psychopath armed with a microphone, too weeded to communicate. He spits three sharp syllables before accelerating his flow's pace to knock down everything around him, the only key he sees to defeat you.

Eminem's alter ego removes his two cleated Adidas to beat you, and then force feeds them to you. His roundhouse lifts you so fast you think he pulled the ground from underneath. You realize he's not trying to shoot you, he's a cannibal about to chop you into pieces to eat you.

You can sense the rage build up as each line develops. His rhyme schemes and speed are on point, riding the momentum of his certified quadruple platinum album which sold eighteen million copies world wide. Slim Shady has grown crazier than ever at the dawn of his most prolific years. His creative juices flow freely from his lips, his heart pumps at full force.

The scene only gets darker. The rapper links rope and plastic to broken glass to stab then leave you with open gashes strapped to a soaking mattress.Coke and acid are involved in this black magic ritual dressed in cloaks and daggers.

Your death does not satisfy his thirst. Shady fucks the planet until it spins on a broken axis before he shows up at your open casket funeral to fill it of explosive gasses, close it back with a lit match in it. He sits back, hoping it catches. You blow to fragments. Slim laughs as he rolls your ashes to smoke.

The poignant imagery and rapid fire delivery foreshadow the on-coming storm of his second major-label record, the highly controversial Marshall Mathers LP, which would end up selling 1.78 million copies in its first week and become his first diamond certified album.

Nothing can stop him.

His final lines jammed with syllables finish the Detroit native's verse with a thrill as J-Black's hook takes over the cadence, and warms up the stage for the final round with his verse. Masta Ace ends the track with a rhythmical display of timeless talent and his distinct tone. The Brooklyn MC influenced many prominent lyricists of the nineties such as Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, and KRS-One. Eminem is one of his students also.

The rap veteran's final syllables bridge the song's outro. Hellbound is an excellent piece of poetry tailored to a quality production by DJ Rob & Domingo and mixed by Filthy Rich about one's descent to hell when the future closes up, a harmony of old and new talent at the crossroad of their career.

Hellbound (HH Remix) was a single for the Yosumi Records compilation titled Game Over, which featured another Masta Ace track "Spread it out." All three writers seem accustomed to the gates of life shutting on them, coming from American neighborhoods where the rules play against you. Each verse depicts their need to act like they had nothing to lose when fortune turned its back on them.

The track's cutting lyrics sewn to the classic melody remind listeners of the virtual world of video games, where a lyrical massacre occurs. The beat is bound to pump you up, either before and during a workout or a sporting event, even for a job interview. Your dopamine will jump as each musical note breaches your ear drums and beats into your brain.

I see the light at the endBut every time I take a step it gets dimTell me, is this Hell we're livin' in?If so, Heaven's got to be betterBut if we're hellbound, whatever, let's go down

- "Hellbound" hook by J-black.

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