Sean Callaghan

 Writer, Drummer, Singer, Percussionist, Star Wars and Disney Devotee.

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'Jump Up!'
a month ago
Elton John's sixteenth studio album, Jump Up!, was released on April 9, 1982. It was the first Elton John album to be fully produced by Chris Thomas, the Abbey Road technician who worked on the Beatle...
'The Fox'
3 months ago
Elton John's The Fox was released on May 20, 1981. It was produced by Elton John and Clive Franks, as well as Chris Thomas who had previously supervised the mixing of Pink Floyd's Legendary The Dark S...
'21 at 33'
4 months ago
21 at 33, Elton John's first album of the 1980s, was released on May 13, 1980. The album title refers to the fact that this was Elton's 21st release at the age of 33—a pretty good pace for a 12-year p...
In Memory of Hal Blaine
5 months ago
"Another Saturday Night" by Sam Cooke., "Mr. Tambourine Man" by the Byrds, "Good Vibrations" by the Beach Boys, "The Boxer" by Simon & Garfunkel What do these songs have in common? Well they are old s...
'Victim of Love'
6 months ago
Victim of Love is an anomaly in the Elton John catalog, mostly because Elton did not write any of the songs or even play keyboard. It featured none of his band members, nor Bernie Taupin lyrics. Perha...
'A Single Man'
8 months ago
A Single Man, released in October of 1978, was Elton John's return to the limelight after a nearly two-year hiatus from recording and touring. It is the first Elton John album not to feature Bernie Ta...