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Are you not over it yet?

By Janine AddisonPublished 7 years ago 3 min read

As I write this my Poshmark notification just stated "Life is too short to hold grudges" so you know I need to write this. 2017 is one of those years that is not sure what to label itself. It reminds me of how they labeled my Generation "X" because we were, and still kind of are to this day, unknown. Musically, the landscape is dry. I am talking Sahara Desert dry. Yes there have been albums released but because everything is so flash in the pan, I can't keep up. Thanks you Net gods for Tidal and my younger co workers. I honestly cannot keep up but I try my best.

These latest diss tracks are causing me a bit of a headache. First there was the Remy Ma vs Nicki Minaj ish. Remy bodied her and the "Elusive" Queen Nicki decided that she was going to take her sweet time in responding. It then basically became a war between their fan bases and lyrically most of world knew Remy Ma won. The problem I was having was that Remy didn't release any other music while the iron was hot from that diss and keep herself going. Instead, it went cold and she has been reduced to sound bites about the foolishness. Meanwhile, Nicki has basically been biting back on every song she is featured on and won't stop talking about it. Ok girl, I get you wanted to prove something and that's great but know you both just look like some griping ole ladies basically telling each other to get off my lawn. The issue is dead and life goes on.

Today, Katy Perry decided to drop a track call Swish Swish with Nicki Minaj. Supposedly, this is a diss track to Taylor Swift and Remy Ma.

Now ladies, back to your corners. First, I thought this Katy Perry/ Taylor Swift feud was done. Taylor went into hiding basically after 1989 and only recently there have been whispers of her going back to her country roots and dating some secret dude. I highly doubt she was worrying about Katy considering she seems to have this super ridiculous girl squad that basically defends her so Tay Tay (as she is affectionately known) does not have to fight these so called battles. One of her friends Ruby Rose decided to post some ish on twitter about Katy perry Single:

"Purposeful poop" to "bomb a petit" to a sloppy mess of writing over the top of Funkagenda...stop trying to make 'Wit..I mean "fetch" happen.

1st- Left field much. I'm sorry but the most I know of Ruby Rose was she was in Orange Is the New Black and being every woman's wet dream with some questioning their sexuality. After her stint on magazine covers and such, I never really followed behind her so learning that she was in different movies never really came up on my radar and realistically she hasn't reached a level in Hollywood where her happy ass can carry a movie.

2nd- All of it seems like promo for both Katy and Taylor. Taylor is releasing new music and what better way to push both of them to the 30 second attention span generation than OMG MY FAVES ARE DOING SOMETHING!!! The fan bases are now going at each other like rabid dogs about who is better and who has more awards and more number ones and blah blah blah.

3rd- When does it stop? Are we going to be hearing about this feud for the rest of our god given lives? Yes Katy has an issue with Taylor acting like she is Miss Goodie Goodie but Katy is problematic too. I didn't forget the comment about Barack Obama and her hair. It just gets to be annoying when it seems no one is learning a damn thing.

I am not going to be like "it should be sunshine and lollipops" but this is getting tired. Release your damn music, let it go up and down the charts like an elevator and watch the world to continue to spin on its axis.

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Born and raised in the greatest city in the world NYC. Sees the world through a lens of being here for over forty years. I will wonder why people never want to do better when they can.

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