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Looks Are Deceiving

Don't say I didn't warn you.

By Janine AddisonPublished 7 years ago 3 min read
Know your place 

The tangerine overlord recently had an article written about him. He was quoted as saying the job of President of the United States is harder than it looks. While half the country knew his happy ass wasn't up to the task, anyone with half a brain could have told you that. After all you have the lives of millions in your hands and what decisions made by both the President and Congress are legally binding. He cried bloody murder throughout President Obama's presidency about executive orders being signed willy nilly. Meanwhile, this half wit has been doing nothing but executive orders since January 20th. You would swear he was ordering from a restaurant the way he has been signing every piece of paper thrown his way. Of course, the republican half wits are happier than pigs in slop cause they basically have a puppet to control. This was until all the town halls they proceeded to do around the country and the people they serve let them have it. The country has been tired of politicians for awhile and now we are a pot boiling over. They sit up there taking away people's healthcare and assholes thought he was going to fix it. What the fuck does the clown prince know about healthcare? He ran a business on daddy's money and hired people to do that. He has probably never really issued a rule truly in his life. But oh the job is harder than it looks. The same man who crucified President Obama about golfing vacations when that is all he has done every weekend since his inauguration.

Now I sound bitter and I am. I am not saying President Obama was perfect because he is human but he did bring some level of humanity and relatability to the White House. Meanwhile racists called him and his family everything under the sun.

When you see those people now, they are talking about how they are confused and thought Trump was really going to do this. When did you not realize politicians talk a lot of bullshit. I know I am not the only one who knows how the political machine works. You make lofty promises and hopefully you actually try to achieve them. Americans saw how Congress pushed back on everything Obama wanted to do.

We are now seeing a political atmosphere where let's blame the previous guy for the decisions I'm making now. I doubt President Obama has spoken to Trump since their meeting. President Obama and his wife Michelle have been enjoying a long and well deserved vacation away from the cancerous growth known as America. Every time we wish to go forward, this tangerine tyrant wants to take us back to supposedly when America was great. America as any other country has done great things but it has its problems, too. People crying that immigrants take their jobs not taking into account that maybe you didn't educate yourself in that field or you have too much self esteem to take a job below your so called status in life. Guess what??? Half this country is underemployed. That is what we are dealing with now. People are paving their own ways to take care of themselves because traditional jobs ain't cutting it.

The new world indeed.


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Janine Addison

Born and raised in the greatest city in the world NYC. Sees the world through a lens of being here for over forty years. I will wonder why people never want to do better when they can.

Instagram: Theogbklyngirl

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