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Day 3 of Beach Road Weekend

Alvvays, Japanese Breakfast, Regina Spektor, Leon Bridges and more performed on Sunday at Martha's Vineyard's BRW music festival

By Jenna in the StarsPublished 8 months ago 2 min read

The third and final day of Beach Road Weekend offered an eclectic mix of indie, soul, funk, and rock music, with fair weather and no rain in the forecast.

The crowd slowly built over the course of the day in anticipation for the evening’s headliner, soul artist Leon Bridges.

Officials said there had been no major issues apart from the weather complications on day 1, and that “people were behaving,” as police onsite said.

Cape Cod band Crooked Coast kicked off day three at 12 with a high energy set, followed by the effervescent funk of Gregory Porter and his full band.

Canadian indie pop band Alvvays (pronounced “always”) performed a dreamy set with songs full of synths and beautiful haunting vocals from lead singer Molly Rankin. Rankin said it’s their first time visiting Martha’s Vineyard, and that they heard Curb Your Enthusiasm star Larry David would be in attendance.

“Show yourself, Larry,” Rankin said. Performances included “In Undertow,” “Archie, Marry Me,” and “Dreams Tonite.” (David did not show himself).

When asked which band they were most looking forward to seeing today, several Island locals, like Kelly DeBettencourt and Anthony Esposito, said without hesitation “Dinosaur Jr.” The iconic Massachusetts rock band has been playing together since 1984. They played a grungy rock set for a crowd of fans.

Russian-born American singer-songwriter and pianist Regina Spektor took the stage next, drawing a crowd of fans that knew every word to her quirky and at times humorous songs. She was the sole performer, playing a Stewinway grand piano.

Spektor greeted the crowd warmly. “I just got hit with a really delicious cloud of fried fish. This is the place,” she said of BRW.

The “Us” songstress dedicated a song, “Après Moi,” to the peaceful resolution of the war in Ukraine.

Japanese Breakfast, led by frontwoman Michelle Zauner, performed an avant-garde set marked by a beflowered gong, which Zauner played in their opening number, “Paprika.” The band featured a violin, a saxophone, the gong, and lots of synthesizers.

Zauner shared a personal anecdote. “This is my first time on Martha’s Vineyard, and it’s absolutely lovely. Even though I’ve never been here, it’s very special to me because my now-husband was on a boat here when I proposed to him,” said Zauner, who married bandmate Peter Bradley in 2014. The singer-songwriter and musician is also the author of the New York Times best-selling memoir, “Crying in H Mart.” Their performance included songs “Be Sweet,” “Everybody Wants to Love You,” and “Road Head.”

Todd Michael “Leon” Bridges took the stage at sunset in all white accompanied by backup singers and a multi piece band to perform for a completely packed festival grounds.

“Martha’s Vineyard, it’s so awesome to share my art with you tonight,” said Bridges, who said that he was honored to be celebrating community and soul music on the Island. He took a moment in his set to speak to the audience, commenting on the courage it takes to be an artist and to share one’s innermost feelings and thoughts. For Bridges, it’s more than just the instruments and melodies; artistry is about being “strong enough to put strengths and weaknesses into songs,” he said.

He played crowd favorites “Coming Home,” “Texas Sun,” “Beyond,” and the evening’s closer, a stripped down guitar version of “River.”

Local artist Willy Mason took the locals stage to close out a weekend of iconic artists and feel good music.

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