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Concert Piece

by Abigail Devilla 3 days ago in concert


Concert Piece
Photo by Joshua Hoehne on Unsplash

Like always thank you to the unsplash creators!

So today I want to talk about my favorite concert! and his name is Leroy Sanchez I've actually gone to two concerts of his

one of them was in a small venue in San Diego Call the Soda Bar and Another in Hotel Cafe let's get started on it!

Soda Bar San Diego 2015

Leroy was actually the opener for Kate Voegele (Another amazing artist) he was by himself with his guitar singing originals and incredible covers his voice was absolutely insane! after the show he came to his merch table and greeted all his fans I was actually the very first one to see him because I was a HUGE fan before the concert I've actually started to listen to him in 2007 so you already know I was feeling the nerves and excitement but once you go up to him he goes to you with open arms and an amazing smile and talks to you and I kid you not my heart just melted when he said I saw you in the third row the thing I love most in Singers is how they interact with you because like they are exactly like us they just have amazing stories to share and we are actually helping to make their dreams come true by going to concerts and buying their amazing songs.

Hotel Cafe 2017

At this concert, Leroy has a band who was also so incredible and talented as him he definitely comes a long way from a Small venue to a much bigger venue like this I can totally tell he was in his element he was having the time of his life I can tell he was truly grateful at the beginning of the show he has this playlist of songs to hype people up while they mingle around and talk and then around 8ish his opener comes on which is Jessica Sanchez the amazing singer that was on American Idol she sings a few incredible songs and then Leroy comes on and just kills it my most favorite part about this concert was when he was mingling in the front of the crowd ( I was actually in the back this time) and the lights were all so cool the crowd was having a blast another thing that was so cool was how he sometimes sings his songs and then he would swing it around with a cover so so cool!

I think that no matter how big or small we should support all singers, bands, dancers because they are like putting their stories into something absolutely amazing and trust me when you support them they will reward us with more incredible music and dances or art I can't wait till we can finally have concerts again because having the rush feeling when you meet your favorite artist, band or someone you idolize is definitely exciting I know for sure I will be excited to see my favorite artist!

Make sure you check out his social media down below!

Instagram: Leroy Sanchez

Twitter: @Iamleroysanchez

Youtube: Leroy Sanchez

Tik Tok : Leroy Sanchez

Spotify: Leroy Sanchez

Facebook: Leroy Sanchez

and If you want check me out as well!

Instagram : Abbydee92

Twitter : Adevilla23

WIX: [email protected]/AbigailRene

I will end with this question for you people who are reading this!

who is your favorite artist?

what is something you look forward to when we see them again?

how much merchandise will you buy (Ahaha)?

also, are you hoping to find your fandom friends at the concert?


Abigail Devilla

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Abigail Devilla
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