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by bao mai ngo 2 days ago in movie review


It's a bit of a noir film, a bit depressing overall. I have to say that American culture is very unique, and it is surprising that this kind of film can be made.

In fact, the story in the movie is not very complicated, and the structure of the movie is very simple. But the story is very depressing, and I feel that if you don't have a certain amount of political thought, you won't get much out of this movie. I am a little confused about the idea of the movie, whether it is about the persistence and sense of justice of the little people in the United States, or the violence and free will of the FBI, or the conscience discovery and inner struggle of the FBI agents? Or the freedom of the press in America, where the little guy can move the big guy?

Politics is complex and power is difficult to check and balance. From beginning to end, there is no description of who holds the FBI in check! The power he wields is frustrating to anyone. In the face of this behemoth, the lives of ordinary people are so humble, so worthless (a call to 911 can be forcibly cut off).

Marx defined man as the sum total of social relations. Man is the spirit of all things, but also the most complex, some people's greed is endless, endless desire; And some people to love to sex, willing to die for the ideal and the New Year; Some people are willing to live a mediocre, ordinary life; These make up a colorful human society. The protagonist in the film will be loyal to friendship, beginning is willing for the FBI leader personal services, and without complaint, no doubt, to rescue the undercover agents, understanding the unified action, began to doubt, when undercover agents died in the front, its are finally aware, began to question his/her direct supervisor, which lead to the disappearance of his family. In fact, I think there is a BUG in the film, after Mira's news story was arranged by her boss to be written for publication, her boss was killed by the FBI. In fact, there is some illogic here, because with the ABILITY of the FBI, it is unlikely that the story of the undercover agent was not written by the murdered boss, there is no reason to kill him, he was only vaguely aware of, and it is unlikely that he is the author, let alone the investigator. It is unjustifiable and indefensible to kill him. If the FBI was able to track and shoot the undercover agent, it should have known that the person the agent had been in contact with was Mira. The plot design here is a little too weak to be convincing.

In general, the film is not representative of the story, except that it makes people feel powerful and unscrupulous FBI. Nor does American democracy seem to offer an ideal solution for reining in agencies such as the powerful FBI. The overall story, in addition to the father-grandson friendship, part of the friendship, in fact, the overall feeling is cold, lack of love heat! This movie is average, time is abundant can see, otherwise can choose individual see.

If only I could be more aware of this action movie, there's no need to make it so serious. The topic is so serious, but the ending is so naive and hasty. Some producers, I do not know whether you really want to black Hawk and Ai Tiger nose cancer, or just want to use this to get tickets from the left. The left is not so naive and easy to deceive as you think.

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