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One Life Movie Review

The power of the ordinary

By chasenPublished about a month ago 3 min read
One Life

One could scarcely fathom how a single person's kindness might transform the world around them. As I delved into this narrative, adapted from genuine events, and began to perceive the authentic images, footages, and subsequent descriptions encapsulated within the tale, I found myself entrapped within its domain. A British gentleman captivated by the sight of children seeking refuge, vulnerably exposed to harsh circumstances in Prague, felt compelled to single-handedly shoulder the responsibility of ensuring their safety. Amidst such overwhelming odds, his mother provided influential assistance, and his colleague's cooperation transcended boundaries, ultimately culminating in the successful evacuation and resettlement of 669 children.

I was profoundly moved halfway through this recollection. The film subtly depicts the laborious and demanding nature of the task, yet the imagination paints a vivid picture of the challenges faced in an era devoid of technological convenience. Cataloging the children's photographs, creating comprehensive individual files, processing heavyweight paperwork, pairing each child with a suitable foster home — all the makings of a grand project. The enormity of this task, even for a team of people, would be simply overwhelming, yet they triumphed over inconceivable odds. Following eight successful evacuations, the ninth train was unable to embark, marking a significant regret and challenge in his lifetime. I found myself inevitably swept up in a torrent of emotion when he revisited the documentation and proceeded to the program's stage, encountering the children he had rescued. His invaluable contribution enabled infinite possibilities, molding the path towards more fortunate lives for numerous children. Despite the sense of lingering regret, the reality of the lives saved, and the richness they brought to his existence, was palpetically real. He carried a poignant conviction, a sense of purpose spurred by an element of human compassion, as he endeavored tirelessly to accomplish this monumental task.

His life was devoid of ostentation, he refrained from boasting about his impressive deeds. Nonetheless, his invaluable contributions ought not to be secluded from the annals of history; this remains the quintessential message of the narrative and the film. Deemed heroic by many, he perceived himself as nothing more than an ordinary individual. His family and occupation might have granted him the choice of indifference, but instead, he chose to extend a helping hand. The film has been meticulously crafted with a restrained approach that refrains from overemphasizing his heroism or exploiting the grim backdrop to exaggerate the dreariness. Instead, it pulls at the threads of memory in a slow, flowing recollection, kindling a spark in the hearts of many as he casually revisits a significant chapter of his twilight years. I admire such artistic restraint and this has invariably moved me to tears.

As the lead character stood alone on the deserted platform, gazing at the horizon along the railway tracks, he envisioned the train that once carried 250 Jewish children would never return... It was an obsession that he almost held onto for his entire life, only when he met some of the 669 saved Jewish children in the program, it seemed as though he was brought back to reality. Listening to each of them narrate their subsequent life experiences, he eventually began to let go...

What has passed will not come again, and we will eventually move forwardlowed scrapbook will also forever live in people's hearts.

Civilization has always been combating brutal killings, and for centuries up to now, brutality is still taking away fresh lives in various forms, and these barbaric expansionist behaviors have a large number of followers. However, they can never stop the goodness and bravery, justice, and conscience of human nature.

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