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Death Code

Horrible supernatural events in New York, USA

By chasenPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
Death code

In the labyrinthine alleys of New York, the city was shrouded in the cloak of twilight, with only pale streetlights illuminating the shadow-dappled streets. Amidst this nocturnal landscape existed Peter, a youthful technophile deeply engrossed in his life as a software engineer. He made a habit of immersing himself in the realm of code to distract his mind from the mounting pressures of his professional life. Occasionally, to supplement his modest income, he would lend his craft to designing software for various paranormal websites.

One fateful evening, while scourging an unfamiliar spectral site for a fresh perspective, Peter was captured by an esoteric email. An odd missive, devoid of any descriptive contents, save for an ominous attachment - a cryptic code of an unidentifiable software program. Peter, dismissive of the alarming correspondence as merely a colleague fooling around, unwittingly opened the file. Upon its initiation, Peter was immediately besieged by a primal jolt of disquiet as an unfamiliar, pallid and grotesque face materialized on the screen, a fiendish apparition seemingly drawn from the bowels of perdition itself.

Despite Peter's desperate attempts to terminate the program, his computer was unresponsive. Now his screen started to distort, and deep guttural roars echoed through his audio system. In a state of panic, peter forcefully shuts down his machine. An icy chill coursed through him, as if being watched by unseen eyes. As the night engulfs the city, his once familiar apartment seemed to grow into an eerie silence.

Peter finds solace in the notion that his spine-chilling experience was merely a colleague playing another elaborate prank, a not uncommon occurrence at his workplace. Nevertheless, something felt awry. The horrifying face etched in his memory haunted him, an indelible scar seared in his psyche.

Returning home the following day to his mundane routine of code writing, he couldn't shake off an eerie ambiance, a nameless anxiet gnawing at the back of his mind. Halfway into his work, a sudden sound of gushing water from the bathroom startled him. The faucet was running crimson, emitting a noxious scent of iron rust. Glancing up at the mirror, he was confronted once again with the grotesque face from the previous night. The deformed caricature smirked before vanishing into thin air.

Suddenly, a sigh echoed from behind the shower curtains. His face drained of color, Peter cautiously approached and pulled the curtains aside revealing a twisted figure. A figure lacking substance, an apparition drowned in darkness. But this shadowy figure emanated an unnerving sense of menace.

The figure gazed into his eyes, its own eyes glinting with a sinister glow, a representation of unending hostility and malevolence. It contorted its face into a wicked grin, brandishing sharp teeth as if mocking Peter's helplessness.

The figure started to become unmistakable amidst the dull bathroom light. Its tattered body and deathly pale face were eerily reminiscent of a forsaken spirit, yearning to escape yet trapped within the shadows.

With a banshee-like wail, the figure lunged at Peter, who managed to break free, dashing towards the safety of his balcony. Through the windo, he could see the city veiled in an unnerving dark gloom, haunted by the twisted figure drawing nearer with every passing moment. As Peter stumbled and fell onto the balcony floor, the specter emerged above him, elevating him with an unseen force before disappearing into the opaque night sky.

The following dawn, Peter's study lay vacant, the only evidence of his existence was his computer screen, eerily displaying the distorted face. His unexplained absence remains a matter of speculation. The distorted face, however, had made its intentions clear; it was a herald of an inescapable nightmare, a premonitory sign waiting for its next prey.

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