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Back to Black : a review and tribute to Amy Winehouse

A tribute to a fallen songbird.

By Rikki la rougePublished 5 months ago 3 min read

Amy Jade Winehouse a true talent who tragically passed away way before her time. Amy was a true original she was a revival of new jazz and 60’s soul. Amy was in a class by herself and she was a true original. Her voice was incredible, her musicianship fantastic, and her songwriting amazing. Unfortunately, bad choices and personal heartbreak cut her young life short and her promising career never became what it was destined to be. Her album “Back to Black” an album of 60’s revival and I loved the album it was fresh and exciting the album.

I heard my first Amy Winehouse song “Rehab” and I liked what I heard the song worked her vocals and the subject matter just worked so naturally I had to buy the cd. The video is worked it was only her and her band in her room and singing how she didn’t have to go through rehab because she had no addictions.

Other hit songs that came from the album with accompanying videos “you know that I’m no good” and “back to black”. It’s a great album and you can go to any track on the album and not be disappointed at what you’re listening to. Other tracks like the haunting “love is a losing game”, the very sexy “me and mr Jones”. If Amy had not been over taken by her inner demons who knows what heights her career could’ve reached. She was already friends with Kelly Osbourne and Prince was a fan of her and her music.

She had a style and a look that was all her own. Another reason Amy Winehouse was appealing because She was a nostalgic but not at all. She was a embodiment of the revival of 60’s soul music. Back to Black is a definite modern day classic without a question.

The way she wore her hair was also a asset to the Amy Winehouse mystique. There is a documentary that was made in her honor called “Amy” it was about her life and it is worth a watch. The music that she made was not a gimmick it truly was a musical genre that Amy Winehouse loved. The video for “I’m no good” is dark and sexy. The way in which it was filmed was very sleek and black in the background. There are some moments that are sexy of Amy in a bathtub.

Being a songwriter myself I loved to listen to the album think wow she makes it so simply that she did not have to try her songs simply came from her. It was easy because these songs were her and she was her songs. After her death the song “Rehab” became very haunting knowing what would be in Amy’s fate. All of her songs on the album were about her relationship with Blake and that’s who Blake was for those who wondered whose name that was that Amy had tattooed on her chest.

Another song on the album “Back to Black” was the sexy song “Me and Mr Jones” it’s a upbeat and it has an undeniable groove to it. Then there is the melancholic sad song called “Love is a Losing Game” it’s a sad ode loves that have failed and in the song she sings about her experiences having had had a love like that in the past. Amy had crossover appeal a lot of well known hip hop and rap artists had worked with her. “Back to Black” video is very haunting to say the least as is the echo at the end of the actual song.

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