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An In-depth Introduction: Unveiling the Layered Artistry of Frank Black, Pastor B 27, Ace Truen, and Wabi Sabi

Queue the Music. Hit Play. episode #10

By Kay MatthewsPublished 6 months ago 3 min read


Meet Frank Black, Pastor B 27, Ace Truen, and Wabi Sabi; the seeds within the vast garden of music. Each a unique blend of sound, soul, and substance; guiding the listeners towards an immersive musical journey.

Frank Black: Realism in Rap Music

Born and raised in North Carolina, the rising star Frank Black, started writing in his teenage years. His strength lies solely on the robust southern sound and strong lyrics pouring authenticity into his music.

Does this authenticity come from his unwavering belief in music reflecting art, not an image or persona? Unequivocally, yes!

Frank, influenced by great lyricists like J Cole and Kendrick Lamar, doesn't just aim to entertain; he also provides a real-world view. His music, celebrated in blogs like Landon Buford and Honk Magazine, can be found streaming on all platforms.

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Pastor B 27: Tune to Triumph

Servant of GOD and a devoted Musician, Pastor B 27, found his calling 17 years ago, when he was pulled out from the pit of despair. Ever since, by following the path God has chosen for him, Pastor B 27 has been fearlessly weaving the threads of faith, hope, and triumph into his music.

His music is a beacon for those wrestling with depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, and past experiences with bullying. Their struggles will find empathy in his recent release, "Vindicated".

Ace Truen: The Music of Substance

Ever met an 11-year-old with a pursuit for music? Ace Truen of Atlanta, Ga, started his journey quite early. Influenced by Tupac, Outkast, and Michael Jackson, Truen doesn't just create music; he crafts real-life heart-felt music of substance to inspire learning and growth.

His song "Count Me Out" doesn't just invite you into his thoughts; it outright drags you into them. The message is clear: World Peace, Unity, Equality, and Love for all.

Wabi Sabi: A Tapestry of Tunes

Wabi Sabi! Not just friends, but a group of musical masters from Atlanta have been serenading us since 1999. A unique blend of soul, funk, pop, reggae, jazz, and latin music marks their originality.

Their new album "The Love Insane", is an avenue into understanding a type of "love" mistaken for the real one. A love as outdated as the 40's and 50's worldview.

To end on a Musical Note ...

Music is subjective yet universal. It's the unique interpretation of this universality that these artists, Frank Black, Pastor B 27, Ace Truen, and Wabi Sabi excel in. Each with their idiosyncratic style and substance, creating music that's not just an auditory delight but also encompasses the listeners in the entrancing journey of their narratives. Dive into their music; immersive experiences await.


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