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6 Tips to Become Great at Piano

Things piano teachers don't tell you...

By Jesse GuerreroPublished 7 years ago 3 min read

Want to be great at piano? Use these tips to improve your skill!

1. Plan how much dedication you want.

Dedicate yourself to your goals and find unchanging reasons to continue piano. Being good at piano is achieved through consistent persistence at accumulating many skills. The second most important facet to success in piano is a sense of purpose or underlying goal. The first is genetics. To keep something in the long-term it must have an unchanging reason to exist.

Good examples include to become more charismatic, achieve mental fitness, fun and continuing the family music business(if there is one). The second part of this is always associate piano with reward. For example, practicing piano before breakfast gives you the reward of breakfast. The last part of this is to remove punishment and pain from practice. If you have a headache do technical work. If your hands are sore study music theory.

Planning life is important to do. It is good to choose between becoming an amateur, enthusiast or professional soon after buying your first keyboard and it is not a bad thing to change your decision later.

2. Start cheap.

A rule of investment is to test before putting in the rest. Start cheap and test our if you enjoy practicing piano. Buy a cheap keyboard and reading stickers. I recommend spending $100 on a keyboard.

Learning to read sheet music is the fastest way to learn a lot of musical pieces all at once besides playing by ear. It is possible to read sheet music like a book and play pieces you have never even heard of before and people will be very surprised it. The stickers help learn to read until you do not have to look down anymore.

Take a free or cheap class at a community college or the school you go to. It is very important to get a teacher as soon as possible. The first thing to start is to learn the basics of reading and music theory.

Read the syllabus before paying for the class and make sure it says it will teach you performance at the level you are at. Filling out workbooks is a great way to learn music theory.

Lastly, wait till you are accomplished before buying an upgraded keyboard. Make sure your upgrade is weighted, touch sensitive, has at least 88 keys and is portable for freelance work or events.

3. Practice every day.

Once you have gotten a teacher and keyboard, focus on your teachability and keep a schedule and try to practice in the morning before breakfast. For practicing every day, have a cue to start practicing before breakfast such as a keyboard music alarm. Food is a very powerful reward and the first things we do in the morning have a great impact on how we think the rest of the day.

Also, you do not need to practice for a long period of time at first. Start with 20 minutes a day. As you get better, you will find you need to practice more. The better you become the more practice you will need per day.

Physically practicing more than 30 minutes/day is excessive for an absolute beginner. It would be better to learn basic music theory by completing workbooks if the person felt a strong dedication to continue practicing. The pianist that practices 2-4 hours a day is usually upkeeping their memory of pieces and the strength of their technique.

4. Get multiple teachers.

If you are getting serious about practice it is time to amp up competence. A separate teacher for technique, learning lots of pieces, performance, sheet music and music theory is very beneficial. Your lessons should generally be increasing in price as you get better because you require a greater and greater teacher as you improve.

Well, unless you want to improve at a slower rate. Getting better requires more effort as you continue. At this point, you need these things you will have already been impressive at the keyboard.

5. Stick to the performance teacher.

Specifically, a performance teacher should become a mentor/manager. They should be signing you up for competitions, volunteer events, promotions and performances while also advising you on which pieces to learn and perform.

The performance teacher does not have to have good technique. Instead, it would be better for them to teach charisma and confidence.

6. Don’t quit your job.

Money helps and piano performance is pay to win even if you're born a savant.

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