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Review On Pewdiepie

by Jesse Guerrero 5 years ago in celebrities / product review
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#1 YouTuber

The following video is Felix Kjellberg's most popular video. It is filled with the typical humor this YouTuber incorporates into his videos and community oriented challenges. He is both offensive and charismatic, making jokes on subjects very inappropriate in a face to face conversation.

He has been let go by YouTube Red and a Disney contract for his behavior. A lot of people get offended or have their sense of humor killed by the subjects of his videos. He has a stigma for making inappropriate comments and has had many of his videos demonetized. He still finds success despite his controversial methods, running on pure personality and dedication.

He currently has 56 Million subscribers and features many other YouTubers in his videos. He calls the community that supports him "the bro army" and has a signature move at the end of most videos. He has more than 3000 videos posted on Youtube since 2011. He consistently claims to be broke and makes fun of the media.

Because of the stigma behind his coarse jokes lots of people don't even finish his videos or watch him consistently, watching one video and labeling him. Pewdiepie is comparable to watching South Park; humorous, coarse, popular, and easy to label. His videos average on having over 1 million views per video. It is very common for him to reach 3 million views many times in a month.

He is good at catching trends. For instance, when Pokemon GO came out he acted as an alternate character and created a humorous story about “beastmaster64.”

When new games, news, or events passed he capitalized on them and created videos centered around them. He has videos for political news, No Man’s Sky, various interviews and new shows/series.

There are very few life tips and helpful things sad in his videos, they can be seen as empty. The most skillful content comes from other people. He has a video editor, camera man and doesn’t even upload all the videos himself. He uses the content created by the community to make quality content. He has challenged the community to create art with the best results shown in the video. Of course, he gets someone else to go through the art first and watches the recommended ones. Here is an example of community created music in one of his videos:

For half a year Pewdiepie kept Ainsley Harriot, a TV chef, in the background of his video rooms as a cardboard cutout. He called him family and made jokes and even had a voice for him. Later on, while Felix was reading his tweets mid video an ominous tweet was sent to him by the ‘real’ Ainsley saying, “Out of all people, why did you choose me to be in your background?” Pewdiepie reacted, “Wow, Ainsley is a real person…”

His most popular series was 75 episodes long and was centered around the game Happy Wheels. He references previously created videos a lot. The Pewdiepie wiki is a great fandom source of information where you can read on the background of Pewdiepie videos, including very specific subjects and characters.

Considering everything about Pewdiepie I would recommend him for people who aren’t influenced to behave like him in real life. I would not recommend teenagers and kids subscribing to him because they are more impressionable to negative behavior. It is simply not appropriate to act like that in real life. However most of his subscribers are young teenagers.

As a testament to the worst of Pewdiepie, take a look at this deleted video he posted that led to him losing large contracts and being banned on the website Fiverr.

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