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10 Lifehacks Every Music Lover Should Know

Discovering new sounds is a seamless part of your daily routine with these tricks every music lover should know.

By Michelle EstevezPublished 5 years ago 6 min read

I don’t know where I would be without my music. It’s the soundtrack to my drives, showers, sunrise gazing, etc… You get the point. Basically, I owe music a lot—from the friends it has connected me with to the hard times it has gotten me through. However, sometimes we get tired of our current playlists and need something new.

While I suggest that you always be on the lookout for new sounds, there are many ways to go about discovering music. While we all love Jimi Hendrix and the Rolling Stones, the go-to classics may leave you feeling unsatisfied. Other times, you just get tired of your own stash.

These lifehacks every music lover should know will help you navigate through the areas of the universe filled with lively planets and stars. I'll admit, with all the noise out there, it can seem lifeless trying to navigate to the gold. Hop on the ship and check these out.

Spotify has over 4 million plays. Think about that number for a second. It’s like you’re exploring outer space. There are so many galaxies. How are you going to hit each one up? You’ll need to know where to find the wormholes. Forgotify has been my favorite hack when it comes to discovering new music. It’s like the wormhole for sounds.

Rather than relying on Spotify’s recommendations—which are very helpful—Forgotify takes you to spots on streaming services that have never been touched. I’m talking about songs with zero plays and zero listeners, interesting gems that the music industry has forgotten. You’ll be surprised what lies beneath the surface of the algorithm. While there are many gems, just be forewarned, there are some wildcards as well. In the end, I promise you that it’ll be worth the adventure.

With an index of over hundreds of music blogs, Hype Machine pulls from different sites to keep you updated on new music. When you visit their page, you’ll be greeted with a list of songs curated from all over the web. If you’re looking for new music, Hype Machine gives you an assortment of options.

You can scroll through the best selections of popular songs, remixes, or explore featured artist pages. If you’re up for it, check out their compilation of best songs for 2018. Every music fan should know to give this site a try.

You can actually listen to changes being made on Wikipedia.

Trust me, Hatnote Listen is very, very interesting. Go listen while you continue to read this. This is how it works. Wikipedia is always being updated with new information, receiving edits on current posts, welcoming new members and more. With every change, there is a new sound. So, here we are navigating through space. It's also one of the best songs to listen to while studying.

Everything has a vibration. The sounds continue as each action on Wikipedia translates to a sound on this site. While they aren’t songs per se, each sound is a reflection of the change made. The deeper a sound, the bigger the change of an edit made. This just goes to show that music can be made out of anything. It’s a perfect space when you need songs to fall asleep to, songs for inspiration and dance, or just using as background music when reading or studying.

Maybe you need new sounds, but don’t want to leave it up for random. I get you. Sometimes I just want to discover a new artist with a similar sound or within the same genre. If you just can’t seem to find the right selection, Gnoosic is direct with its recommendations.

Simply enter three of your favorite artists and Gnoosic will pull up songs for you, one by one. It reminds me of the old days when we used our trusty iPod Shuffles. You didn't know what was coming next. Lend your ear to something new as you are listening to music. If you don’t like one, you can skip it and Gnoosic will provide you with another.

Browse over 1,200 different genres with Every Noise at Once.

Okay, now you’re tired of the genre you’ve been devoted to and want to discover an entirely new world. I've been there. I get it. Every Noise at Once allows you to scroll over different genres on the screen. You'll find just what you need whether it be songs to read to, jam out to, or cruise along on a nice day.

Fair warning—there's a lot to scroll through and there are over 1,200 genres making it even more of a thrill. Think of it as a buffet of sounds. Once you find a genre you like, click on the arrow and you’ll be directed to an assortment of artists that fall under the category.

I’m sure you already follow all of your favorite artists and bands on social media. Music fans flock around blogs that prove to be a reliable source of information. Take it a step further and follow a variety of music blogs to discover new music, upcoming shows, and grow your community of friends in the scene.

The more you give, the more you get. Listen to fresh perspectives and give back to the community. Most of the time, I’ll either have an extra ticket or they’ll have extra tickets and we'll treat each to a show. As much as it is about the music, the most important lifehack for music lovers is all about the family you create.

Music can help you keep focused when you have a deadline looming.

Need something fast to get you through a long night of studying? Maybe you’re looking for something slow and mellow to accompany you as you read your book. Get Work Done pulls songs from SoundCloud and gives you the option to change the speed of the music.

Things will get interesting. You can slow things down for a rainy day spent reading or speed it up for an intense soundtrack to your work out. You’ll be surprised by how different a song could sound. Adjust the speed to your desired work pace and get that work done. Listening to music has never been so productive before.

Have you wanted to show your friends a new song, but all you had was your phone? Don’t get me wrong, phone speakers have improved over time, but they’re nothing like the real thing. My friend had a headphone jack that allowed four people to listen at a time. It was brilliant. However, why carry around another piece of technology when you can rely on an app? Amp Me lets you share the gift of music by synching phones through Bluetooth technology.

Did you miss your favorite band's concert in your area?

So many shows, so little time. As a music fan, I know this can get in the way of other moments. It’s a gift and a curse all at once. I was in Costa Rica last year and missed my favorite musician in NYC. By no means am I complaining and I’m not blaming the music industry for getting in my way. If I knew better, I would have made sure to schedule my returning flight accordingly for the show.

Bands in Town prevents mishaps by synching up with your phone’s calendar. You’ll have a timeframe of when you should go on vacation or stay in town to see your peeps. Life revolves around shows, right?

Whether you’re looking for shows in town or are on vacation, Jukely is a subscription service that puts you on the guest list of upcoming shows in the area. New shows are added every day and this app has got you covered. You won't miss out on discovering something new to fall in love with. Instead of paying for tickets for every show you go to, pay for a service that puts you on the guest list.

Keep exploring this vast universe of sounds and vibrations. The internet makes it so easy to find something new every minute of the day. However, the amount of debris out there can be paralyzing when seeking gold. With the help of these tips, apps, and websites, every music lover should know how to keep covered as each album release date gets closer.


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