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The Best Gear for Winter Camping

Whether you fancy the colder seasons or not, having the best gear for winter camping is bound to make you fall in love with the captivating essence of fresh snow, bare trees, and starry skies.

By Michelle EstevezPublished 5 years ago 5 min read

Okay, unpopular opinion time. Winter is my favorite season! I don’t need your stare right now. I just need you to know that somehow the sky is a lot clearer on winter nights, snow makes everything still, and we’re reminded of the strength life possesses even in the direst of circumstances. This makes for a promising and very rewarding camping trip.

However, the cold can make outdoor activity less than ideal. I’ll tell you what. If you’re properly equipped and carry the best gear for winter camping, you’ll be set to do just about anything from roasting marshmallows to hiking the mountain top. There’s something very mysterious and charming when it comes to layering up to brave the cold.

I’m going to start with a staple, merino wool socks—a total game changer. Our feet, hands, and heads are crucial locations for relegating body temperature. It’s where heat escapes the fastest. If you don’t have quality socks to carry you throughout a winter hike, you’ll start to feel the numbness pretty soon. Trust me, I know. The first time I went snowboarding, I didn’t have the right tools and my feet were the ones who suffered in the end. These merino wool socks are stitched specifically to evaporate sweat and let air in. They’ll keep your feet dry while also helping with shock absorption when you need it the most.

When you’re camping in the winter, you’ll need to consider upgrading your sleeping bag assortment with a good sleeping pad. This Therm-a-Rest mattress keeps you warm throughout the night by reflecting your body heat and repelling you from the cold ground. Whether you’re backpacking or winter living in an RV, this mattress is lightweight and perfect when you’re on the go. Winter campers are generally a resilient sort, but you still want the right equipment to stay warm.

I’m coming at you again with another lightweight item. This four-season tent comes with additional layers that can be taken off in the summer and added on in the winter. It really comes down to practicality. The Nature Hike Cloud Up Tent is water resistant, takes less than five minutes to set up, and fits in your backpack right along with your Therm-a-Rest mattress pad. I love camping and hiking, but I'm not the strongest person, so these lightweight items are a must.

This cookware set includes a wine opener, in case you were wondering. I think that’s all you really need. Wine keeps you warm. Maybe you'll even pack some extra ingredients to make delicious winter cocktails to keep you warm this season. After all, nothing is better than a warm drink when you're out in the cold weather.

If you happen to desire something to accompany your wine, the set also includes a mini canister stove, pots, silverware, a collapsible cup, and more to make you feel right at home for dinner time. You can attach it to your backpack or carry it along with the rest of your equipment. Either way, you’ll notice that you don’t have to give up small luxuries just because you'll be experiencing cold nights and days.

We’ve got all of this lightweight gear, great. This is where you put it. With different compartments throughout the bag, you’ll have the right amount of space to store the necessities and more. The main thing about the 30L backpack is that it’s ultralight and waterproof. Whether you use it on an actual backpacking trip or to transport it from the car to the tent, weight and weather won’t be a threat.

Some days are going to be cooler than others. Whether you are braving a thunderstorm or snow shower, it’s important to have a way to make fire for cooking or staying warm. These matches are stormproof and burn for 15 seconds. Someone submerged these underwater until there were no visible flames. When they pulled it up from the water, the flame just came back on its own. These are a lifesaver during moments where you need to get things done and a lighter just doesn’t seem to cut it.

Not all gloves are made equally. Wearing gloves doesn't mean your hands will stay warm. It's crucial that you choose a strong pair that keeps the heat in while resisting outside forces like wind, rain, or snowfall. These KINGSBOM gloves deliver warmth while also including a touch screen feature. You know, in case you need to text your friends while you're in the middle of nowhere enjoying nature. While I highly suggest limiting screen time, these gloves still come in handy for those moments you need to snap a few scenic photos.

Boots might seem obvious, but they're still part of having the best gear for winter camping. The technology in these boots is made for winter hikes. The rubber sole cap and insulated interior keep your feet dry when you’re trekking in the snow or rain. You’re covered anywhere you go as these hiking boots protect you from anywhere up to -22 degrees Fahrenheit. The ankle shaft also protects from possible rolling or unintended injury.

Winter weather means an abundance of snow. While I absolutely cherish the scenery, weather is a force that can either make or break your trip. If this sounds like too much, perhaps wait on this until after you experience summer camping with a guide for beginners.

Make sure you pack a shovel in the event you need to dig your way out of your tent or clear the road to drive your car. It's not easy to predict how long it'll take for the sun to melt snow. This shovel is perfect for winter camping trips with an adjustable handle making it easy to carry along the journey. It's also handy to simply keep in your car all winter, since no one wants to end up car camping just because they got stuck in the snow.

Pair this TETON sleeping bag with your mattress pad. You’ll sleep so well. Remember, preparation is key. The TETON sleeping bag is filled with down-like fibers to keep you warm while draft tubes keep the breeze out. It's synthetic insulation, but while you're out in nature, you don't need every part of your camping gear to be natural too. The material is wonderfully warm. You want to have both in the interests of comfort and keeping toasty.

If you’re planning on camping during the winter, chances are you have probably experienced a winter season at some point in your life. However, not all coats are meant to endure true winter camping. While warmth is key, any added bulkiness can interfere with the camping, hiking, and exploration that lies ahead.

A warm, yet fitting coat like this Camel Crown design allows you to breathe, move freely, and stay toasty. Of course, you'll also want to be covered with all of your base layers underneath. This is an essential camping gear item that allows you to move with ease and flexibility. I think we've even got a great excuse to start up a snowball fight. My bet is on you.

Now, I'll have you bet on this. After your successful winter camping trip, you'll see why I love this season so much. When you invest in the proper armor and preparation, any journey is achievable. In this case, it all comes down to having the best gear for winter camping. You don't have to be a black diamond skier to enjoy the cold weather—anyone with a little experience and the right gear can venture out to enjoy the serenity of winter.

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