Trina Dawes

I love to write about social injustices, feminist issues, family issues, children, culture, and music opinions and reviews. 

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Children's Homes, Foster Care, and the Social Care System. Creating Already Damaged Children into Even More Damaged Adults
11 days ago
After hearing Alex Wheatle's story about his time in a Lambeth children's home in the 1970s, he wrote a book called Brixton Rock, where he told his heart-breaking childhood in a care home where he was...
We Most Stop Blaming Parents for Gang Culture
a year ago
I enjoy having conversations with other parents and non-parents about gang culture and the problematic rise in crime in London. I am a former Londoner who has moved out of London. And with no willingn...
Why Does a Particular Group of Society Take to Social Media to Target People and Believe It to Be Acceptable?
a year ago
18/07/2018, I was browsing through Facebook and then I came across a viral video of two teenagers that had bumped a taxi driver in Birmingham. The taxi driver was recording them. He shouted after the ...