Trevor Wells

I like to write about just about anything that interests me: horror, movies, TV shows, etc.

Lifetime Review: 'The Wrong Roommate'
4 days ago
With Valentine's Day either here or just now passing, I decided it was only fitting to make up for my last review by picking a great Lifetime flick for my last "Tainted Love" review (or at least, the ...
Lifetime Review: 'Til Death Do Us Part'
4 days ago
Poor Haylie Duff can't catch a break with Lifetime, it seems. Apart from 2012's Home Invasion and a borderline case with the more recent The Bachelor Next Door, it seems hardly any of her movies are a...
Lifetime Review: 'Sinister Minister'
9 days ago
Well, this had to come eventually, so let's get out of the way. After spending the past few reviews praising some of Lifetime's best "Tainted Love" movies in dedication of the month of Valentine's Day...
Lifetime Review: 'Deadly Lessons'
12 days ago
As someone in the midst of college, I can speak from firsthand experience that it can get hairy. There's homework, student labor, and final exams that make you want to pull your hair out. It can be a ...
Lifetime Review: 'The Girl He Met Online'
12 days ago
Sometimes, movies work when you don't think they should. But when it comes to Lifetime, even the worst sounding plot or concept can be made into something entertaining in the hands of the right people...
Interview With a Lifetime Star: Christos Shaw
14 days ago
Trevor Wells: Thanks for agreeing to this interview, Christos. Let's get the big stuff out of the way first: what made you want to pursue acting? Christos Shaw: It's a funny story, actually. My dad ju...