Trevor Wells

Reviewer of Lifetime movies and other films that pique my interest.

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Film Review: '#Captured'
21 hours ago
Fresh at a new school, following an ill-advised affair with her soccer coach, Ashley (Lizze Gordon) is surprised to find herself quickly pulled into a popular social circle at the school. Initially, u...
Hallmark Review: 'A Lesson in Romance'
2 days ago
Megan Mills' (Kristy Swanson) career oriented ways seem to have finally paid off for her, as after her boss sells the company in a merger, she's left ten million dollars richer and with a prestigious ...
Lifetime Review: 'Stalked by My Doctor: A Sleepwalker's Nightmare'
4 days ago
After his latest escape from the law, Dr. Albert Beck (Eric Roberts) finds himself busing tables under his new alias as he lies low from the authorities. But after an encounter with Dr. Tanner (Clayto...
Lifetime Review: 'Trapped Model'
10 days ago
Grace Somerville (Lucy Loken) wants to break into the modelling world, and is taking time away from going to college to pursue that dream—much to the disapproval of both her mother, Megan (Kiki Harris...
Film Review: 'My Teacher, My Obsession'
18 days ago
With her mother having left after months of infidelity, Riley Sumner (Laura Bilgeri) and her father Chris (Rusty Joiner) are in a new town in an effort to put their lives back together. With Riley str...
Lifetime Review: 'Hometown Killer'
a month ago
It was an ordinary night for Tara Hensen (Kaitlyn Black), when she is suddenly attacked, and nearly robbed by a masked intruder. Her life is ultimately spared by a police officer arriving on the scene...