Sherry Campbell

Second grade teacher by day, at home therapist for two middle school daughters by night.

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10 Special Effects Nail Polishes You'll Love
5 months ago
Red nail polish was a special effect in and of itself back in 3,000 B.C. when the Chinese created it for the first time using acacia, gelatin, beeswax, vegetable dye, egg whites, and crushed orchid an...
10 Best Study Tips for Hands-On Learners
7 months ago
Everyone has their own, distinct style. This is as true about personal fashion sense as it is about our approaches to socialization, and it is definitely something that applies to learning. Human bein...
Why Is Rain on Your Wedding Good Luck?
7 months ago
Rain on your wedding day is enough to push any bridezilla over the edge. However, if it does turn out to be dreary and damp on your wedding day, you shouldn't be so quick to anger or disappointment. I...
13 Ways to Deal With a Difficult Family Member
7 months ago
Everybody needs to know how to deal with a difficult family member. Maybe it's your dad. Perhaps it's your husband's sister. It could be your grandmother, your cousin, or a friend of the family who ac...
What Causes Oily Skin and How Can You Treat It?
7 months ago
As human beings, it is normal for the skin to cycle through phases as our bodies mature and endure different environments. Specifically, there are many factors that can lead to oily skin making it a h...
10 Signs It's Time to Sell Your Bitcoin
8 months ago
Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market have started out nearly 10 years ago as an experimental step towards digital currencies. In 2010 Bitcoin was still infamously used to buy a $30 pizza for 10,000 c...