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Why Is Rain on Your Wedding Good Luck?

If you fear it might rain on your wedding day, you'll change your mind knowing it's considered good luck!

By Sherry CampbellPublished 6 years ago 7 min read

Rain on your wedding day is enough to push any bridezilla over the edge. However, if it does turn out to be dreary and damp on your wedding day, you shouldn't be so quick to anger or disappointment.

In fact, cultural beliefs and superstitions show that if your wedding day has rainy weather, you're in luck! On top of that, a rainy wedding can have a plethora of benefits its rain-less wedding counterpart doesn't have.

While surely your wedding planner isn't trying to plan for you to have a wet wedding, here's why you should actually be anticipating rain on your wedding day just in case it does happen.

Rain on your wedding day in certain cultures signifies fertility.

If you plan on having children later down the road, know that in some cultures, rain on one's wedding day symbolizes increased fertility. This is fantastic to hear for those who want a big family and possibility quite soon.

The reason for this superstition, while it may seem silly to some, does make sense. After all, water helps things grow (e.g., plants), and that "thing" may or may not be a little bun in the oven sometime in the near future!

This, of course, won't be good news for those who don't or don't know if they want children, but this cultural belief is ultimately up to you if you wish to believe it. Plus, for some people, it can be another reason to enjoy a rainy wedding day even if the superstition is false.

Rain means wedding flowers stay fresher longer.

You might not enjoy rain, but your wedding flowers sure will! Cut flowers specifically thrive best when in colder, damp environments in order to continue to stay fresh (and alive) as long as possible. With a dash of rain on your wedding day, you can be confident your flowers will be fine. And given what you're paying for your wedding flowers, you'll want them to stay alive for as long as possible.

The latter is particularly important if your wedding venue is in a warmer climate or if you happened to pick out more delicate flowers for your wedding bouquet.

With flowers staying fresher longer, this alone may give off the impression of good luck on one's big day. People often see flowers as happy and flourishing; however, if flowers wilt or drop petals at the wedding, one may presume their marriage will be neither happy nor flourishing.

A rainy wedding day means that the wedded couple will be involved in a long, happy marriage.


Before walking down the aisle, everyone anticipates on having a successful marriage, but it's easier said than done. However, one Hindu superstition predicts that if it rains on your wedding day, the newlyweds are going to have a long marriage consisting of plenty of laughs and smiles.

Of course, this isn't to say that if it doesn't rain on your wedding day that the newly-wedded couple is destined for a horrific marriage. And surely there are couples out there who are no longer together whether they had their wedding rain or shine.

However, just knowing that if it rains on your wedding day that your marriage will bring longevity and can help put you and your partner on the right foot before kicking off the start of your marriage.

Some believe that wedding showers bring cleansing and renewal for the couple.

There's nothing like a fresh start, especially before your big day. If it happens to rain on your wedding day, rumor has it that it symbolizes cleansing and renewal. That goes for both involved in the relationship as individuals, as well as for the relationship itself.

So, if you and your partner have been previously divorced, have had a rocky relationship with one another in the past, or have dealt with some rough patches as many couples do, a rainy wedding can essentially wash those troubles away to help you and your partner get on the right foot.

You may not believe that rain on your wedding will literally bring a new start, but even figuratively speaking, rain can psychologically represent renewal. There's just something about rain that makes us feel out with the old, in with the new.

A rainy wedding day will test you and your partner's limits.

While a little rain never hurt anybody, having planned a nice outdoor ceremony only to have it rained on is a bit disappointing if showers end up worse than expected. In turn, the bride, groom, wedding planner, and/or wedding guests may feel stressed and unsure of what to do.

On the bright side, a rainy wedding can test both you and your partner's limits. Seeing how your partner handles an unexpected fiasco in the form of rainy weather at your major event says a lot and may predict your compatibility and the rest of your relationship.

On top of that, if you and your partner cannot adapt to something as simple as rain on your wedding day, how do you expect to adapt to bigger issues throughout your wedding? After all, versatility is perhaps the most important thing in a relationship.

Rain adds to the romance of your wedding.


Even for those who aren't big fans of rain, they may still view it in positive light. The repetitive pitter-patter of rain is quite calm as is the scent of it dropping onto concrete and asphalt. For that reason, many view rain as something relaxing and even romantic in general.

In fact, inclement weather may provide an excuse for lots of hugs and cuddles at your wedding in an effort to keep one another warm. Just this alone can bring out the closeness, love, and care people at your wedding have for one another.

While weddings are supposed to be about being vulnerable and should be filled with lots of love and care, the addition of rain may allow shier individuals to let loose on your big day, including yourself.

A wedding shower can purify the air, especially in allergy-infested spring.

Many would enjoy planning their wedding for a breezy, peaceful spring day as spring resembles revival. However, one problem with hosting a spring wedding at an outdoor venue is dealing with allergens. Nobody wants sneezing, an itchy nose, and a sinus headache on their big day!

But if it happens to rain at your spring wedding, you and your guests are in luck as rain can help wash away allergens, dust, and other gunk in the air. This is why it is typically easier to breathe on a rainy day.

As a result, when one can breathe better and won't have to worry about having bad allergies, the wedding day will be less stressful and more positive for everyone involved. Thus, everyone can enjoy the wedding just a bit more.

Rainy weather on a wedding day provides another excuse to not hold back tears.

At a beautiful, romantic wedding, it's completely appropriate to cry tears of happiness as one witnesses the couple coming together as one. It brings back memories of the past as well as excitement for the future for everyone at the wedding. After all, wedding guests should be vulnerable.

However, there are some people out there who are emotional beings but either have an innate fear for expressing their emotions outwardly or were negatively reinforced growing up for expressing themselves or even told that shedding tears is wrong.

But when there are drops of water falling from the sky on your big day, both you and your guests will have an easier time letting the tears flow out, and thus will be more expressive, knowing that their tears are partially concealed by the rain.

Beautiful wedding photos can be shot in the rain.


As many photographers know, rain can make for a beautiful addition to any photo but particularly for classic wedding photos. There's something about non-uniform, transparent drops of rain that are incredibly enticing, especially when taking pictures of the couple's wedding bands.

When it comes to photographing the newlyweds themselves, wind in the couple's hair along with damp wedding attire can add both romance and a pinch of sexiness to wedding photos. Plus, it's not everyday that a couple has the opportunity to take photos in the rain.

Be sure that if there's a chance of rain on your big day that extra precautions are made: waterproof mascara, attire that won't become transparent when wet, an alternative venue for taking quality photos just in case, and even an umbrella which you may wish to use in your photos.

Your reception will be extra special and memorable.

Rain on your wedding day can be romantic particularly when it comes time to both your first kiss and your first dance as a wedded couple. Rain can provide a special ambiance to the outdoor wedding altar as well as on the dance floor.

You may have danced with your partner before, but when reminiscing on your relationship, that time you danced in the rain will always come to mind. Generally, the addition of the aroma and feel of the rain at your wedding can help make your wedding memories easier to remember.

Additionally, your guests will enjoy breaking it down on the dance floor at your rainy wedding. Busting out a move and listening to some great tunes with unexpected rain can be livening and exciting. Just as you'll never forget your rainy wedding, your guests won't either!

If you planned an outdoor wedding ceremony and/or reception, embrace, not fear, the chance of rain on your big day as it can have many benefits. Just when you thought your marriage was doomed because you associated a rainy wedding with bad luck, you might be finding quite the opposite.

To be on the safe side, slather on some waterproof mascara, have alternative plans in case the rain gets out of hand, and most of all, have a blast at your wedding rain or shine!

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