Neal Litherland

Neal Litherland is an author, freelance blogger, and RPG designer. A regular on the Chicago convention circuit, he works in a variety of genres.

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Old People Have WAY More Sex Than You Think
8 months ago
When you see two older people who are still in love (or still trying to find love, if you remember Grandpa Will always cocking his hat at a rakish angle before winking at his reflection), chances are ...
5 Tips for Playing Better Warlocks
8 months ago
There are some who are born with arcane power pulsing through their veins. Others for whom that power is earned through hard work and tireless study. For those who lack the former, and who do not wish...
5 Famous Slashers (And Their Real-Life Counterparts)
8 months ago
No matter how much blood and gore splatters the screen when you're watching a horror movie, you can always comfort yourself by repeating the ancient, childhood mantra of, “It's only a movie. It isn't ...
How to Build Lyudmila Pavlichenko in the Pathfinder RPG
8 months ago
The second World War was a time of darkness and blood, where forces of authoritarian madmen committed atrocities that still seem unbelievable even in the light of the modern day. Legends were born on ...
What Does Cannibalism Do to Your Body?
9 months ago
Cannibalism is one of the most universal taboos. Frowned upon in nearly every culture around the world (even if there isn't always a law on the books to punish this very specific act), cannibals popul...
5 Tips for Playing Better Oracles
9 months ago
The gods work in mysterious ways, and perhaps none are more mysterious than those who are both blessed and cursed by the whims of the divine. Outcast as often as they are held in awe, these agents of ...