Neal Litherland

Neal Litherland is an author, freelance blogger, and RPG designer. A regular on the Chicago convention circuit, he works in a variety of genres.

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5 Tips for Playing Better Elves
3 months ago
Elves are often thought of as the banner-bearers for high fantasy as a genre. With their inhuman lifespan, strange ways, and occasionally alien thoughts, they can be difficult to portray in new, inter...
The Real Reason Rob Zombie's 'Halloween' Reboot Failed
4 months ago
I found myself in a rather unique position last month. Because while I'm a fan of slasher movies, I'd never actually seen any installment of the original Halloween series other than the first movie. T...
10 Questions to Put on Your Character Creation Document
4 months ago
If you're a dungeon master, then you need all the information you can get about the player characters at your table. If you've noticed that getting meaty details out of your players feels like pulling...
Goddesses of Badassdom: Kali
4 months ago
In the annals of terrifying forces of femininity, one name stands above many others. A name that sends shivers down your spine, and can turn a man's blood to lukewarm piss. A name that is synonymous w...
5 Tips for Playing Better Cavaliers
4 months ago
The only thing more dangerous on the battlefield than a skilled warrior is a skilled warrior who believes in something. And when that warrior is willing to back their sword arm with conviction that wi...
50 Two-Sentence Horror Stories
5 months ago
For some people, horror is all about building suspense. It's the slow ratcheting up of tension until you get a sudden explosion of terror, or a glimpse into the cosmic workings of some madman's univer...