Neal Litherland

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Neal Litherland is an author, freelance blogger, and RPG designer. A regular on the Chicago convention circuit, he works in a variety of genres.

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5 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Next LARP
4 months ago
LARPs come in all different sizes and genres. Whether you're a sword-swinging half-orc in a fantasy setting, a rugged survivor in the post-apocalypse, or a bloodsucking creature of the night making yo...
5 (Specific) Costuming Tips for Your Next LARP
5 months ago
If you've ever sat around a table with a character sheet and some funny-shaped dice, part of you has no doubt wondered what it would be like to play in a real fantasy world. To feel the weight of a sw...
5 Tips For Playing Better Gnomes
5 months ago
Gnomes tend to be thought of as a mixture of irritating tricksters and half-mad inventors, with a hefty dash of poor impulse control just for spice. However, there is a lot going on with gnomes just b...
10 Unique Prompts for Your Next Campaign
6 months ago
Being a dungeon master is not an easy task. You have to build the world, create the plot, remember the names of all the important characters, chronicle the adventure, and figure out how to deal with a...
5 Horror Movies About Real Demons
6 months ago
Demons are a favorite creature for the horror genre. Ancient and eternal, they come in an infinite variety of forms, and most of the time they don't even need an explanation. Their very existence is a...
5 Tips for Playing Better Halflings
7 months ago
With their short stature and sometimes reckless natures, halflings are often thought of as the odd-folk-out when it comes to adventuring parties. However, if you're looking to make a halfling that doe...