Nancy Fingerhood

I am the creator of the web series, Mile High Nancy about a 420 chef in Colorado who is also a single mother by choice and aspiring comedian. I also have a blog called Confessions of a Middle Aged Woman Gone Wild.

All Heterosexual Sex Is Rape
3 months ago
At first, I misunderstood the premise of Andrea Dworkin’s book, Intercourse, to mean heterosexual sex is rape. I fell into the trap of believing her critics without reading the book myself, but when I...
No Time for Head Games
4 months ago
The date began on the night we met at a "Flirt" singles mixer in a chic wine bar in Denver. My wing couple was Lisa and Doug, married and supportive of my quest to find Mr. Adequate. As a single mothe...
The Issued Outs
5 months ago
“He’s got that nervous look in his eye,” she said. “You know, that issued out look.” That was my friend Jessie pointing out a man standing across from us in a bar at the Jersey shore. I asked her to e...
7 Tips to Create a Web Series
8 months ago
So you have the next best concept for a TV show but you don’t have any connections to Netflix or NBC. No worries. With YouTube, Vimeo, Funny or Die and host of other web platforms, you can still tell ...
Yenta and the Jewish Standard
8 months ago
I’m so old that I started blind dating before existed. I’m not sure if blind dating is a verb but the other variations — blindly dating or dating blind — sounded worse. I used newspaper ads ...
The Chosen One
8 months ago
I have been told I am one of the chosen people. I question if they mean chosen for persecution and jokes about being cheap. According to a group of born again Christians I met in high school, I was ch...