Matt Cates

Retired Air Force Vet; former admin at Oregon State University; author of Haveck: The First Transhuman; GI Jobs contributor and creator of 

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Veteran Benefits, Made Easy!
5 days ago
Veterans Benefits, Explained Simply Money for Vets is a new, completely free online resource dedicated to finding and explaining Veteran benefits to Vets, military members, dependents, and caretakers....
Learn the Rules of John Wick's Underworld
2 months ago
John Wick trivia is getting addictive these days... and is taking up a disproportionate amount of my time, as I peck out Quora answers to questions popping up like targets in my feed. Somehow I manage...
'John Wick' Mysteries Solved
3 months ago
John Wick wasn't supposed to be this big of a hit. Keanu Reeves had starred in a string of small productions after 2003's The Matrix Revolutions, and a few near misses like Constantine and The Day the...
Masculinity, Marvel-Style
4 months ago
Masculinity is too often measured in many of “x” men can do… how many pounds bench pressed how many miles ran how many dollars made how many partners slept with how many beers pounded...
Fruits of Labor
5 months ago
Your mind was meant for motion and mission, Not static, “life,” boxed-up in a prison.Listen— Efferent neurons are running the system, Telling your body: “Far out of condition.” Chained to a desk, you’...
How to Write a Cover Letter That Actually Helps You Get an Interview
5 months ago
You just saw a hot job ad on Indeed, and you want that job, you need that job more than anyone has ever wanted or needed anything in the history of people wanting or needing things. You are not alone....