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It's Selfish, I Know
14 days ago
Your light consumed me like a black hole can swallow all of its surroundings I was captivated, a smile that could move all of the broken mountains within me and rebuild them a sweetness as tender as t...
How to Heal a Heartbreak
a month ago
The first and most important step in healing from a heartbreak is loving yourself and knowing that you are whole all on your own. There is no one on this planet that should mean more to you than you d...
How 'Game of Thrones' Has Changed My Life
a month ago
Game of Thrones has reminded me who I am. Someone who is strong enough to do anything she puts her mind to. Someone who knows what she can handle. Someone who can fight every fight and know that she c...
Sold My Soul to Autumn
9 months ago
Brown leaves brings times of dreaming Foggy morning on the hillside across the way The ghosts dance in the graveyard Safe in the sweaters holding you tight in the chills embrace The eerie atmosphere c...
Long Nights Are Filled with Thoughts of You I Cannot Stand
9 months ago
long nights are filled with thoughts of you i cannot stand. your face was like the first snow storm that kept me home bound. you were my home bound. i have been growing a tree in my lungs for the past...
A Bird's Forgotten Song
10 months ago
My brain is an ethereal royal filled with caged birds who have forgotten how to sing. That can only be set free by the wind that breaks through my lungs when I take the time to fill them mindfully. Br...