Jeanine Williams

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  • Jeanine Williams
    Published 6 days ago
    ...are you saying we stink

    ...are you saying we stink

    Yep. Women stink…so do some flowers if you’re feeling offended. If you don’t believe it, just turn on your TV or walk down the aisles in the hygiene department. Everybody is telling us they can make us fresher. There are pads, wipes, sprays, depositories, creams, powders, douches, salts, etc. …to help us stay “that just got out of the shower and air hasn’t touched me yet” fresh. During that “time of the month”, there are extra strength products and an array of other pu’se deodorants. Women go broke on the basic products and we haven’t even made it to the high chic perfume counters guaranteed to make you the most desirable yet. Still, it won’t matter, because as soon as we get somewhere, you know the drill, head to the restroom to go “freshen” up. Let’s face it; the funk of a woman is big money.