Haley Peterson

I am a full-time teacher turned stay at home mom, and I have been loving every minute of it! 

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Dutch Bros Coffee Grand Opening: Blue Diamond Location in Las Vegas
2 days ago
Did someone say free coffee? After hearing that the new location of Dutch Bros Coffee in Las Vegas was giving away free 16 ounces drinks as a part of their grand opening I decided to head on over. I w...
Full-Time Employment to Full-Time Mom
3 days ago
For many women, and I know for me, finding out you are pregnant comes with an onslaught of thoughts shortly after seeing that little red line. Many questions come to mind. How will my life change when...
Conquer Kindergarten, Part II: Math
11 days ago
In my previous article I described different ways parents can prepare their child for Kindergarten when it comes to literacy. Obviously, math is another skill students will work on throughout their en...
Conquer Kindergarten: Literacy
7 months ago
As a first year teacher, I was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. I could not wait to have my own classroom and my own students to teach. I landed a job teaching Kindergarten. I loved teaching my students,...
Start Your Day as a Substitute Teacher the Right Way
7 months ago
Being a substitute teacher is hard work. As a former full-time elementary school teacher, I was reminded of just how hard it can be to teach a class that isn't your own when I transitioned from teachi...