Grant Patterson

Grant is a retired law enforcement officer and native of Vancouver, BC. He has also lived in Brazil. He has written twelve books. In 2018, two of them were shortlisted for the 2018 Wattys Awards. 

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'Launch on Warning': A Novella
17 hours ago
NOVEMBER 9 48.49.28 N 101.16.55 W 0735 HOURS LOCAL 1335 HOURS ZULU The blue pickup sped down the featureless road, past the billiard-table flat farms, full of stupefied, staring cattle, leaning agains...
A Guide for the Guilty
17 hours ago
Damn you, James Ellroy. You make it look so easy. Want to give your 1950's crime novel some added verisimilitude? Write Johnny Stomponato, or Meyer Harris Cohen into it! Have your fictional cops go to...
Pronto Socorro: Sunday Night
3 days ago
You can tell a lot about a place by its emergency rooms. My wife and I were enjoying some much needed time together in paradise when I was reminded of this fact by a visit to the Pronto Socorro in Uba...
The Good Stuff
3 days ago
"You say so many bad things about Brazil. I'll have to be careful who to introduce you to." -My wife"I'm enjoying your blog. But don't get that last one translated into Portuguese. Ow." -My friend, wh...
Are We Alone?
3 days ago
It's late. In Sao Paulo, it's nearing midnight. And, as late nights tend to produce flights of musing about all things cosmic, tonight my blog shall be far out, man. This week, I've gotten a few thing...
There's a Little Chernobyl in Us All
4 days ago
It was a beautiful sunny day today. But I found myself inside, watching TV. Ordinarily, I wouldn't, but I'd been dying to see the new HBO Miniseries Chernobyl, and I knew it wasn't anything the rest o...