Elisa Miranda

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I Am a Queen
7 days ago
I am not your Queen, I am my own Queen. I can be both fire and ice if you call upon my armies to defend me. I toiled my land, I grew something from desolated soil. It was corrupted by anger, envy, des...
I Love You, Gabby
17 days ago
“Mommy are you happy” I heard from my three year old's tiny sweet voice. My mind shook for a moment, I never realized that she was paying attention to me. My mind lost in the craziness of life. “Yes, ...
Be Gentle with Yourself
21 days ago
I have learned that a mind can sit still when there is too much to know I have learned that hearts can be put in boxes when bridled I have learned that souls will travel to the depths of your imaginat...
My Friend
a month ago
The mind is a beautiful and fragile thing We need to be mindful to keep sane We need to think to avoid trauma We need to remember to feel loved Sometimes the mind betrays us Sometimes it leaves us alo...
La Luche Sigue
a month ago
When the days trembled my soul into survival it would numb my mind from shock. Then the night was far less gentle as it dragged me through the stinging pain of waking my senses again. The reality of d...
Alianza and I
a year ago
Solitude seemed to engrave the memory further into my open mind as I laid in the sweetly comforting bed. It all seemed like it was a cataclysmic eruption of grape soda on a white t-shirt; the cactus l...