I Am a Queen

Choose yours.

I Am a Queen

I am not your Queen,

I am my own Queen.

I can be both fire and ice

if you call upon my armies to defend me.

I toiled my land,

I grew something from desolated soil.

It was corrupted by anger, envy, despair and loss.

I evicted my demons,

I gained my own respect

one hundred times over because of it.

I am powerful!

I am fucking powerful

and the world around me will feel my power

like the presence of Forest.

You can't take away my crown

as it is forged from my veins.

The skeleton of my Royal robe is made with my bones,

the very marrow pulses with the strength of the universe.

My throne is forged from the power that came before me

and left me to continue the fight to keep our land for our own.

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