Colin Wareham

Someone once told me writing is therapeutic. Don't bully me.

I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream
6 days ago
My skin turns yellow and my veins black my head is pounding my eyes roll back and I can see you get out of my head get out of my head I have no mouth but I must scream my body shakes My stomach aches ...
Monte Carlo
6 days ago
Red like our beating hearts Fast like our love and dreams Old like our fights Small like our truth I live through your Monte Carlo I will never forget I know you will never forget I just hope you can ...
Lovr Boy
6 days ago
The only one for you and the only one for me That is what has always been true, you see LOVR BOY is my name Why? Because it was a gift It is my claim to fame! I will always be your LOVR BOY even if I'...
Close Your Eyes
7 days ago
Look at me Close your eyes When I close my eyes you appear like a ghost When I close my eyes, every wrong word I have ever said to you is played back When I close my eyes, I can feel every one of your...
A Thousand Poems
7 days ago
It couldn't take a thousand poems or more It couldn't take all the words ordered in just the right way It couldn't take the songs of the birds or the smiles of flowers It couldn't take perfection from...
Wish I Was Made of Words
7 days ago
My deepest My love My wish My energy You fill me up You fill me with butterflies and daylight You glow in the dark and you do everything so slowly your eyes look at me and they tell me the time of day...