Brittany K. King

Brittany K. King is a Chicago-based writer. She spends most of her time avoiding saying the word ‘gyro’ out loud. 

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Talking Out Loud
a year ago
Perhaps you’ve been obligated to sit through a company picnic that ended in a happy-go-lucky speaker bouncing around a stage yelling corporate bullshit, or maybe you’ve happened to stumble across an i...
Who Cares About Nicholas Sparks?
a year ago
Does anyone care about Nicholas Sparks? Yes. Apparently a lot of people do. Sparks is a 21-time published author. His stories have been adapted on screen in major motion pictures that have grossed wel...
James Patterson Is the Worst
a year ago
The internet reminded me the other day that Jim Carrey paints now, which then brought me to Wikipedia so I could remember what he did before he was a famous artiste. Anyway, totally forgot he was in t...
Email From Hell
a year ago
I moved to Chicago in January 2017 after having already been unemployed for a little over four months. I quit my old job in New York City in August 2016 while I planned to move back to the Midwest. I ...
Blessed Be Thy Pretzel
2 years ago
Ahhh, pretzels. Undeniably the most popular party snack and an absolute staple of modern-day American mall food. Restaurants serve them as appetizers and main dishes, and hell, there are even entire c...
How Did You Leave?
2 years ago
Did it happen too fast, or draw out too long? Did time disappear, or was it much, much too strong? Did you take one last look at what you achieved? What happens when you leave? Did you think about me?...