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Is Hanuman Still Alive in Kalyug? Decoding the Truth!

Is Hanuman Still Alive?

By Vedic Meet Published 28 days ago 3 min read
Is Hanuman Still Alive?

Who is Hanuman?

A popular character in Hindu mythology, Hanuman is known for his strength, trust, and selflessness. He is seen as a deity in Hinduism and is a major figure in the ancient Indian outstanding Ramayana. 

Here are some of Hanuman's important features:

Parents and Birth: The monkey king Kesari and the heavenly young Anjana are the parents of Hanuman. He is also regarded as the son of the wind god Vayu, who was involved in his being born. His birth is connected to a number of healing occurrences, and he often appears as possessing supernatural powers from an early age.

Devotion to Rama: Lord Rama, the seventh incarnation of the god Vishnu, is the focus of Hanuman's unwavering devotion. In the Ramayana, he plays an essential part, supporting Rama in his mission to free his wife, Sita, from the know of the demon king Ravana. Central themes in Hanuman's story are his selfless service and loyalty.

Supernatural Powers: Along with his amazing power and flight ability, Hanuman possesses a number of other supernatural talents. In various scenes of the Ramayana, his abilities are shown. For example, he uses his fiery tail to burn the city of Lanka, jumps across the ocean to reach Lanka, and brings the Sanjeevani herb to heal Rama's brother Lakshmana.

Symbolism: Hanuman represents bravery, selfless service, and devotion (bhakti). He can always count on strength and protection. His appearance serves as an example of loyalty, humility, and the value of having faith in God.

Festivals and Worship: Hanuman is highly revered in India and other countries where Hindus are found. He often appears as having a monkey face, holding a mace, and carrying a mountain in the temples that are devoted to him. The devotees celebrate his birthday, Hanuman Jayanti, with joy.

Ram Bhakat Hanuman

Cultural Impact: Apart from his connection with religion, Hanuman has shaped Indian literature, art, and storytelling, among other facets of Indian culture. In the traditions of yoga and martial arts, he is also regarded as an inspiration.

In Hindu mythology, Hanuman is a revered and adored figure who embodies the perfect warrior and devotee thanks to his tales and attributes.

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Is Hanuman Still Alive in Kalyug?

Hanuman is seen as a Chiranjivi, or immortal, who has a destiny to live through the present time, known as Kalyuga, and beyond, according to Hindu belief and a number of scriptures. This belief is supported by multiple connections found in Hindu texts and customs:

Hanuman is one of the seven immortals, or Chiranjivis, who are thought to live until the end of the current age (Kalyuga). The Puranas are among the scriptures that mention the Chiranjivis, who are thought to have been endowed with life forever for certain purposes.

Granting of Immortality: According to the Ramayana and other scriptures, Lord Rama himself grants Hanuman the gift of immortality. Hanuman was presented with this blessing in exchange for his steadfast devotion and support. Hanuman was given a guarantee by Rama that he would live as long as his name was chanted worldwide.

Existence in Kalyuga: Many myths and tales from Hindu stories indicate that Hanuman is still alive and well in Kalyuga. Believers hold that he still walks the planet, often showing up in appearance or shadow, helping and guarding those who pray to him strongly.

Temples and Experiences of Devotees: There are numerous Hanuman temples, including the Jakhu Temple in Shimla, the Sankat Mochan Temple in Varanasi, and the Hanuman Garhi in Ayodhya. These temples are places of great devotion where devotees feel his blessings and presence. Stories of healings and requests being granted are common among Hanuman devotees.

Literary References: The belief in Hanuman's immortality is supported by a number of texts, including Tulsidas' Ramcharitmanas. The text highlights his enduring presence as well as his function as a protector and mentor for followers.

Even though it is a matter of faith, many Hindus find great meaning in the belief in Hanuman's immortality. Hanuman's lasting impact on Hindu culture and religious practice can be seen by his ongoing worship and the stories of his presence in modern times.


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