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Charlie Tyrell5 months ago
Calling All Chubsters
It’s considered rude to ask a woman her weight. Heck, it would be rude to ask a man. Women balk and blush at the idea of sharing that number or their dress size, and you can tell they are nearly alway...
Mark McConville5 months ago
Paramore: Altering Of Styles.
Pop punk has become somewhat swollen. It has many bands under its weighty arms. It gathers up many acts and spits them out into a state of failure. Many acts fizzle out or imitate, spearheading their ...
Bill Sims5 months ago
This Car is Not for You (Or Me).
YouTube has been showing me ads for Karma Automotive for the past few days. So I decided to take a look. What I found was the Karma Revero...a stunningly gorgeous hybrid that'll run 50 miles all-elect...
Tatiana Parker5 months ago
Teal is For Real
So, this one is going to be shorter than my other articles, but since it is September I wanted to dedicate this article to the women in my family who have been affected by ovarian cancer, including my...
Robyn Justine5 months ago
Do You Really Know Your Workplace Worth?
I recently read an article on LinkedIn about a lady who had been working as a secretary at a company for a number of years. I imagined it took years of pep talking herself but she finally plucked up the courage to ask for a raise. This ultimately resulted in her being let go. Unfortunately, her asking for a raise caused her manager to consider her worth to the company. While she was a good general secretary the company had evolved since she had started and now required a number of specialist sec...
Alice Minguez5 months ago
The 8 Best Medical Shows on Netflix
Who doesn’t love a good medical show? Whether you’re in the mood for comedy or drama, these highly binge-worthy medical shows are sure to please. All are currently available on Netflix and all have be...

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