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Rick Schwartza year ago
What It's Like To Be A: Producer
Ostensibly, I produce movies for a living. Several movies I had a hand in producing have been nominated for Academy Awards, including a win for Best Picture. Pretty heady stuff, to be sure. The realit...
Porn Star Problems
I LOVE to complain. Anyone that knows me in the real world, will know it is my biggest talent. Next to all my trophies, I should have an award for most miserable bitch. You can also follow my complain...
Defining the Western
After much movie-watching, researching about film, and a thought-provoking conversation or two, I ask myself: is "The Western" a genre of a film, or just the setting of one? How do you define it? If J...
Alysha DePernaa year ago
Best Horror Podcasts
Although radio dramas once populated the airwaves, fiction has never dominated the podcast charts. This all changed with the creation of horror, suspense, and sci-fi podcasts. Their popularity isn’t m...
Danielle Bannera year ago
Warning Signs You're in a Toxic Relationship
Fall in love, get married, have a couple of kids, live happily ever after. That's the formula, right? Relationships play a huge role in the makeup of our lives and sometimes, we become so caught up in...
Danielle Bannera year ago
Most Useful Life Hacks
Life can get the best of us sometimes. Luckily for all of us who seem to be fumbling through life, there are plenty of useful life hacks to make your life easier. Have you ever been doing something an...

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