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Green Faerie9 days ago
How to Clean Your Bong and Repurpose Marijuana Resin
For as many people on the marijuana chat boards who chime in that they clean their bongs and pipes after every use, there must be at least a dozen true pot users who don't want to admit they usually o...
Learning Lifehacks for Study Night​
Whether it's study night or for long term application, the truth with learning is that one size does not fit all. There are five different learning styles according to the VARK model, so if we can ide...
Patrick Deveney10 days ago
Movember and Men’s Mental Health
Let’s be serious. I’ll start by just saying lookout for each other, man. If any of your friends or family are acting different, more reserved, or unhappy, reach out. It can feel cringey or awkward, bu...
Stephanie Hunt10 days ago
Time-Saving Beauty Tips You Must Know
Most of us know the stresses of a busy life, whether you are a buzzing business professional or a stay-at-home mother. As if your work is not demanding enough, you must also look well-kept for your ca...
Elizabeth R.10 days ago
Best Tips for Selling on Poshmark
Poshmark is an app where people sell new and pre-owned clothes. The app takes 20% of the revenue when you sell a product, but there’s still plenty of room to make easy money. Buying and selling produc...
Jonathan Sim11 days ago
The Culture of Star Wars: How Fans Ruined the Franchise, Not Disney
Disney ruined Star Wars! They're trying to cram their feminist SJW political beliefs down our throats and they made a bunch of terrible Star Wars movies where they ruined Luke Skywalker! Why can't Geo...

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