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Em E. Lee22 days ago
Movie Review—Toy Story 4
According to my mother, the man who looked well over 40 years old that sat next to her started sniffling quietly before bursting into tears at the final scene of Toy Story 4. I immediately figured tha...
The Bronx Vegan23 days ago
Quick, Healthy, and Delicious Food to Fuel Your Workday
After a long search, I finally have a new job! With this new opportunity comes the challenge of figuring out a strategic way to get the right fuel I need every day. With a new schedule and always bein...
10 Tools to Get Excited About Getting Healthy
How many times have you scrolled through your feed and glanced through comments of followers begging influencers or public figures for the answers to these questions: How did you get your body? What’s...
Laura Odegard23 days ago
Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle When You’re Always on the Go
Summer is here and the thing that I look forward to the most during summer is taking a much needed vacation. While I love taking time off to rest, unplug and recharge, I know that this means putting i...
Camilla Rantsen23 days ago
The Ultimate Eating Disorder... Solved by Vampires
I was recently asked what my favorite comic book was when I was growing up. My answer: I didn’t read comic books growing up. They seemed to feature mostly ducks and mice in outfits, which unnerved me ...
Chris B23 days ago
I Never 'Came Out'
I knew I was gay ever since I began watching early seasons of the Power Rangers. I had a crush on almost every red and blue ranger cast for the show. During my early childhood, I honestly believed tha...

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