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Danielle Banner8 days ago
How To Find Your Perfect Shade of Grey
When the franchise first appeared, Fifty Shades of Grey turned into one of the biggest sensations the romance genre had ever seen. The turbulent relationship between Christian and Anastasia and often ...
Most Dangerous Investments You Can Make
There's something really thrilling about investing in something that you know is shaky. When it succeeds, you feel a rush like nothing else. When it fails, though, you tend to beat yourself up and ask...
“Can Bitcoin Be Treated as a Fiat Currency?”
This paper will seek to analyze whether Bitcoin, as a digital decentralized cryptocurrency, can be considered a form of money from a traditional economic perspective, and whether it may serve as an al...
Joshua William8 days ago
10 Players Manchester United Should Have Signed Instead of...
The recruitment at Manchester United at times hasn't been good enough, and the wrong players have been brought in too often. In 2018 however, the squad is strong, as Jose Mourinho's puts his vision fo...
Iggy Paulsen8 days ago
Best Online Brokers for Stock Trading in 2018
If you're a very hands-on stock trader, you already are very well-aware of how much of a pain dealing with a bad broker can be. Clearly, the days of calling up a stockbroker are falling by the wayside...
Riley Reese8 days ago
Cryptocurrencies to Consider Buying Over Bitcoin If You Missed Out
Right now, Bitcoin is one of the biggest things to ever hit the stock markets. Everyone is now trying to check out cryptocurrency apps on their mobile phone, researching to figure out whether the oppo...

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