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Roddy BW10 days ago
It's Been 30 Years Since Billy and Jimmy Lee Double Fisted The Dragon
Ever overhear your Grandpa mumble about how time flies? Back in 1987, it all sounded like another run of worldly advice from the squeaky rocking chair in the corner, but not anymore. In the blink of a...
Jordan Strange11 days ago
One-Night Stand
It was a regular summer night. Some of my friends had decided to get together to drink in our buddie’s garage. A beer pong table was set up and we we’re taking turns playing each other. I was sitting ...
Rob Salkowitz11 days ago
Solving For 'When': How Data Science is Cracking Marketing's Toughest Problem
In marketing, as in showbiz, timing is everything. Even if you know what you want to say and who your audience is, when you deliver your message can be the difference between a sale and an abandoned s...
daniel morris11 days ago
As It Appears
Living in an institution all her life, Eve has no reason to believe things are more than they appear as her day continues, though things are definitely changing... – The world is chaos The world is or...
Alee Morgante12 days ago
Living Life as a Christian with Depression
I'm not sure exactly when it became a "thing" but for some reason, if you tell someone that you have depression, their first thought is suicide. I hate to be the one to break it to these people, but I...
Lena Marques12 days ago
We Need to Face Uncomfortable Truths
Dear Male Reader, I have a question for you: Why do you hate me? Sometimes I feel like everyone hates me because they keep saying it was my fault. My fault for having decided to go out alone, or my fa...

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