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Focusing When You Have to but Can't
Sitting down to create something—whether that is a story, an illustration, or an assignment for work, even holding onto that pencil, or hands raised above the keyboard—you still can't create. And mayb...
Heather Wilkins6 days ago
Energy Solutions for Florida
Florida is one of those states where it's sunny all year round. There's memes and jokes about some of the stupid things that happen in our state or the weather. People who live in Florida deal with sn...
A Beginner's Guide to Getting Started with Programming
Discussing Programming Languages and IDEs; How a Complete Beginner Can Get Started with Programming
A History of Transgender People, Volume IV
So far in this series, I've discussed myth and legend. This is, on its surface, is not great historiography; but a culture's myths and legends inform their worldview. Perhaps not always in the most in...
Exercise Trends You Need to Try If You Love Yoga
Calling all my fellow yogis! I LOVE yoga, don’t you? It’s so diverse. There are so many variations, so many new things to try! When I first started yoga (almost a decade ago) it wasn’t so wide spread ...

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