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Dominic Martin2 years ago
Are Aircraft Carriers Needed in Today's Modern Navies?
On Monday, June 26, HMS Queen Elizabeth finally set sail for testing after years of setbacks. While HMS Queen Elizabeth is being tested in the North Sea, there is a huge possibility that Russia will b...
Every Single Day...
I see them every single day. They come from all forms of life, from the business suit to the city workers on lunch. They walk into the business next door to my office. I can always tell when they have...
GrandMovTarkin .2 years ago
Movie Review: Blue Velvet (1986)
This is essentially what we all worry suburban America will be like to visit, even now; slightly odd, over-the-top and addictive. The narrative is staunch and absurd, but regardless to our pre-concept...
Tips for Staying Afloat in the Saturated Ecommerce Market
According to an eMarketer report, e-commerce sales are expected to grow to $4.058 trillion in 2020. This indicates enormous potential of this market, and it is obvious that everyone will want a piece ...
For Those Who "Don't See Color"
Welcome to your alternate universe, where up is down and down is hate. It would be ignorant of me to not touch on this particular subject, especially considering what's happening in the United States....
Rachel Lesch2 years ago
Women in the Edwardian and Interwar Era
The Edwardian era began with the death of Queen Victoria on January 21st, 1901 and the accession of her son, Edward VII in 1902. Victoria reigned for 64 years, most of the nineteenth century which was...

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