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Stan Kubler9 months ago
How to Invest in Bitcoin and Succeed
Should I invest in Bitcoin, or is it already too late to make any money off the mysterious cryptocurrency? Despite being all over the evening news lately, many people still aren't sure just what in th...
Brooke N9 months ago
Benefits of Adopting an Animal
Many people worry that adopting an animal will be too hard on their lifestyle and take up too much time and effort. You would be surprised just how great having an animal can be despite some of their ...
C N Sweeney9 months ago
Why You Should Quit Drinking and Smoke Weed Instead
Even though weed is beginning to get legalised in places across the US and out of it, in many places it's still very illegal. It makes you wonder- how is a plant illegal, but more dangerous substances...
Elizabeth Hall9 months ago
Shooting the Moon
Shooting the moon is a really great way for the beginning photographer to practice exposure and really gain a full understanding of how the exposure triangle (aperture, shutter speed, ISO) all works t...
Seb Reilly9 months ago
A soft ripple shifting beside us inside time outside mine creating slides falling downside up and out-lifting slipping seconding minutely bleed fine slowing soft sheens gradually reverses unrehearsed ...
Joseph Farley9 months ago
Essentials for Your Car Emergency Kit
Even if you drive one of the most reliable cars out there, there is still a possibility of breaking down and becoming stranded—which obviously can be scary. Scarier yet would be breaking down without ...

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