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Bella Harris10 months ago
Taylor Swift's Semantic Fields in 'Reputation': Part One
When I first downloaded all of Reputation, I spent the morning skipping through songs, finding one that I thought I may like. At first I was kind of worried because I only liked one or two songs, but ...
Drew Pearce10 months ago
With Its Quirky Charm, the Hermitage Café Welcomes All
On the lonely corner of Hermitage Avenue and Middleton Street in downtown Nashville, a man wearing a black tee shirt and a baseball cap stands sucking a smoke by the door of a small, white brick struc...
Buddy Brown10 months ago
Best Military Movies on Netflix You Should Watch
Ah, military movies. There's something decidedly patriotic and thrilling about watching heroes in the military. Netflix, everyone's favorite streaming service, is already aware of this. That's why the...
Isaac Rawcliffe10 months ago
Is Darren Till the Next Big Thing in MMA?
This coming Sunday on May 27th, the UFC will be hosting its first ever event in Liverpool, England, with 25-year-old scouser Darren Till as the headliner, facing off against one of the best welterweig...
Natalie Kate10 months ago
What Swimming With Sharks for the First Time Was Like
Like any Jaws-era child, I grew up frightened of sharks. Don't get me wrong, I never believed they were mindless monsters who purposefully seek out humans to attack, but I definitely didn't trust them...
kim reyes10 months ago
Yoga: Practice of Control
"Graceful." "Beautiful." "Strong." This last month I've been receiving more praise and compliments on my practice, both in person at the studio and online through Instagram (@theyogikim). They would s...

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