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Anna Rooneya year ago
Forbidden Love
I was twenty-one when I (mistakenly) started my career in corrections. I got heckled for being young. I got heckled for being a woman. Put simply, I got heckled. A lot. For everything. My first few mo...
Spotlight a year ago
An Interview with Nikki Sharp: Wellness Expert and Author of the “5 Day Detox”
Nikki Sharp wants you to love your body without having to torture it. No extreme dieting or unhealthy fitness regiments; with Sharp’s book “5 Day Detox” and her overall outlook on living life in the h...
Tresa Eliasa year ago
Study + Instagram = Studygram
Studygram, a clever portmanteau of "study" and "Instagram," in its simplest form is a study motivation page. Studygrammers share pictures of their notes and study spaces to inspire students around to ...
Mad Goddessa year ago
How CBD Oil Has Changed My Life
Many people have finally started to become wise to the fact that, as humans living in the United States, our government does not truly have our best interest at heart. Our healthcare system is a giant...
Ben Kharakha year ago
Facebook in the Wake of Anthony Bourdain's Suicide
My Facebook newsfeed is usually comedians making jokes or sharing articles that highlight the wretched state of the world. But as news of Anthony Bourdain's suicide spread, my news feed was radically ...
Rasma Raistersa year ago
Eating Meatballs All Over Europe
Basically, a meatball consists of meat, salt, and pepper or different spices and then the ground meat is rolled into a ball and can be baked, fried, sautéed or boiled. It is interesting how versatile ...

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