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Spruce Up Your Gaming Experience: Using Crystal Bionic Sound Powered By Hifi® DSP For Immersive Gameplay

Bluetooth Earphones

By Avinash GuptaPublished about a year ago 4 min read

Attention gamers! We know how much you love spending time with your friends online, playing your favorite virtual game. It doesn’t matter what game it is - those gaming sessions can become quite intense pretty soon. And we don’t blame you! The thrill and the adrenaline rush of these games is really something.

But in order to fully immerse in the virtual gaming world, you need to have a few things at your disposal - a comfortable chair, a steady connection, the right gaming device and headphones! While all the things listed above will make your gaming experience fun and comfortable, heaving the right type of gaming earphones can take your experience to another level.

They will ensure that you listen to everything clearly - be it a bomb blast, clicking of a gun, some footsteps in the background or any other sound. You will never miss any important instruction from your friends or even be able to give them out clearly.

But you need to be careful while choosing the right gaming earphones. You do not want something too bulky or heavy that hurts your head or damages your ears. Additionally, you should invest in a more versatile type of headphone that you can use anywhere else also.

That’s why we are here to introduce you to the best neckband type earphones that will take care of all your gaming needs and additionally they will prove to be useful when you are not playing online games as well.

Meet Rockerz Trinity.

These new-age wireless earphones (Neckband) are designed to ensure that you get an immersive, enjoyable and comfortable listening experience, always. boAt has gained quite a reputation in building amazing audio products and these earphones will not disappoint you!

Let’s take a closer look at some of the cool features of these earphones that make them our no.1 choice:

Design & Build

The fact that these earphones support a neckband style makes them super convenient to use. You can fully enjoy your games by plugging them inside your ears and forget about the world around you. And when you want to hear something around you, or want to take a break, just remove your earbuds and they will safely hang around your neck. This takes away the problem of keeping your earphones anywhere and then forgetting them. (tell us- how many times have you accidently lost your earphones or simply sat on them?) They also support IPX5 rating which keeps them safe against accidents.

Unmatchable Sound

They are designed to offer nothing but only the best audio! Equipped with Crystal Bionic Sound Powered by hiPi DSP Rockerz, these earphones smartly enhance the audio output by using the Digital Signal Processing algorithm. The 10mm drivers ensure that the boAt signature sound is loud and clear. You are guaranteed to listen to every beat, footstep or bomb blast with utmost clarity.

Battery That Stays Strong

Say goodbye to frequently looking for charging points every time you want to use your favorite bluetooth earphones. As these earphones come packed with a powerful battery that offers a massive 150H playback. Yes you read that right, not 15H but 150H. So bring on those gaming marathons as these earphones are all set to keep you company.

And if you ever fall short on battery, you do not have to wait for long for them to get up and help you with your mission. Just plug them in for 10 mins and get up to 24H of playback. Isn’t that amazing? These long battery backup neckbands are always going to have your back.

Crystal Clear Calls, Everytime!

These best bluetooth earphones are powered by the AI ENx technology that makes sure that you get to be heard clearly, everytime! The technology enhances the call quality by cutting out the ambient unwanted noises. Be it the wind noise or any trivial background distractions - nothing will pass through! This ensures that your friends get to hear you clearly without any ambient chaos coming in between to ruin your fun.

Convenience At Fingertips

Now imagine that you are in the middle of a heated gaming session and receive a phone call which you cannot miss. Let’s say it is a call from your boss - i know it sucks - but.. What can you do? You have to pick it up! In that moment will you struggle to pair your neckband with your mobile phone?

The answer is no. this is because these wireless neckband support dual pairing. Meaning that you can stay connected to multiple devices at the same time. This takes away the hassle of disconnecting from one device and then connecting to another every time you want to switch between your game, playlist, or phone call.

No Lags, Ever!

Whether it is for your visual entertainment or you have to make your opponent bite the dust while gaming, Rockerz Trinity got you covered! Equipped with BEAST™ Mode giving you 65ms low latency, this neckband ensures you get the smoothest experience of it all without lags!

Hope that you got the point by now and are convinced enough! Trust us, just order them right away and be ready to be blown by their amazing performance.

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