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Everything You Need to Know About Spatial Audio in Earphones: Why It Matters In Entertainment!

Bluetooth Earphones

By Avinash GuptaPublished about a year ago 3 min read
Bluetooth Earphones

Things like time travel, flying cars or teleporting might still take a lot of time but the era of splendid audio - the time is just here!

The world of audio has evolved amazingly over the past few decades and one of recent additions to the list of developments is spatial sound.

It has become the talk of town - all for the right reasons! But what is it? How does it work? What difference does it make?

Let’s find out answers to all these key questions.

What is spatial sound?

It is basically another term that is used to describe 360-degree immersive sound. All of us have experienced surround sound at movie theaters where the sound appears to be coming from all ends.

But when that same 3D sound comes featured in headphones or earbuds - it is called spatial audio. It is a sound that takes advantage of sound waves to create a realistic sound experience that immerses the viewer in the scene. By doing so, spatial audio can add an extra level of immersion and engagement.

For example: if you are watching a scene where a helicopter is flying over your head, the sound will appear to have come from above your head.

Some people might even describe listening to spatial sound as having a movie theater in your head.

How does it work?

Spatial audio essentially uses two or more channels to create an illusion of three-dimensional space. By carefully positioning these channels, the sound appears to come from different directions. This makes it seem like the sound is coming from specific objects in the scene, rather than just emanating from your speaker.

Spatial audio relies on a highly advanced digital signal processor (DSP). Spatial audio needs content that’s been specifically mixed for it. That means many retro and vintage recordings won’t work (unless they get remixed), but many modern tracks do receive this treatment. Right now, spatial audio is more prevalent in movies than in music. However, many music streaming and entertainment companies are now coming up with special audio that can be enjoyed using this technology.

By now you would have understood what does this immersive audio can do to your music listening or video watching experience. But which headphones support them? Well, not a lot but if you are looking for the best earphones that support spatial audio but also fit into your budget then we have a suggestion for you.

Introducing - Rockerz Apex

These comfortable and stylish bluetooth earphones come equipped with Spatial Bionic Sound powered by DIRAC that takes your listening & viewing experience to another level. Allow us to tell you a little about various features of these earphones:

Immersive audio

They are guaranteed to make you feel like you are not just watching a movie but rather living in one! You can activate the spatial bionic sound mode and transcend to the world of flawless music.

Smart controls

The seamless touch controls on these wireless earphones make everything hassle-free for you. You can seamlessly change tracks or adjust the volume with just a swipe or a tap. Isn’t that easy?

Unleash the gamer inside you

If you think that these are the best earphones for movies only, then you are wrong. You can make them your gaming companion and listen to every detail in the virtual gaming world clearly - be it a loud explosion or just footsteps of someone approaching! Also, you can turn on the BEAST mode which offers low latency. Meaning no lags between your video and audio! Everything will be perfectly in sync!

Battery that stays strong

If you think that all these amazing features might drain the battery, leaving you without any entertainment then you are in for a surprise. These best bluetooth earphones offer a playback of up to 30H. This means that you can say goodbye to your battery-related woes.

On top of this, if you do run out of battery and are in a hurry then just plug them in for 10 mins and that will give you a playtime of up to 10H.

Crystal clear calls

These bluetooth wireless earphones also support Enx technology that means that you can easily make/take distraction-free calls from your headset! They do not let the ambient noise reach your ears and disturb you in any way!

On top of all these amazing features, these earphones support a neckband style. It is really convenient to wear as you do not have to worry about losing them just because they fell out of your ears (we all have either lost or know someone who has lost their earbuds like this). You can simply unplug them from your ears when not using and they will comfortably and safely hang around your neck - ready for use!

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