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Writing Without Making Money? That's Not for This Generation

Not Writing for Money is Not for the Generation of the Second Decade of the 21st Century.

By Casimiro Filipe Published 3 months ago 3 min read
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It's Not Easy Not Writing for Money Today.

There are some harsh realities about making money writing or doing other types of content online. Unless you're a Seller author, a successful blog author who has made thousands of dollars monthly and now wants to share the formula of how he did it, or an investor with a source of income that provides you with everything and the only way to have fun or pass the time is to share your stories by writing for free.

"We're all writing for money - when we're not writing for money, then we have something else that makes us happy."

Not writing for money is not for the generation of the second decade of the 21st century. Writing is a very good prospect when you're starting a career, especially when you're driven to write by a single factor, the enviable monetization provided by some partner programs spread across the web.

The money that comes from the work we do reflects well when we manage to maintain a flow of income from various sources. That's why the authors of the last decade are constantly searching for new sources of income to maximize their earnings and achieve the right monetary position to complete their needs.

We are living in a jet-powered age, and no one can fool us that they write for mere skill with no interest in monetizing their work, when they spend the internet and memories to keep it going. There's a saying among millennials that goes like this: "Lie to me if you're creating content on social media without the intention of generating income from that content. "

It's practically impossible, making money online has become fashionable.

It doesn't matter how diverse some people's sources of income are, or how well they're earning, if they're writing something that gets thousands of hits, they're drawn to monetizing that content to maintain that productivity drive. And that's not to say that this generation is greedy, that they only think about money, apart from that, we're at a time when the majority of people, especially creators, are looking to achieve their longed-for financial freedom, but when we reach that point, we're faced with dissatisfaction, because that's the truth, my brother. The more you earn, the less satisfied you'll feel, and that's the effect of this century.

So you can stop criticizing the new generation of creators who are arriving with everything, and their main focus is on results. We're not in the years 2005 to 2016 where authors had fun creating content for free and were happy even without earning a dime. Today we want to earn money for every word we write, express, or for every attitude that instructs something. It's simply time to say welcome to the era of content creation where everything costs something in money, not least because the platforms we publish our content on earn money for it, so why should authors write for no pay?

Content creation today doesn't matter if it's been generated from HERE or written by your hand, everyone wants to generate something by doing something online. It's no longer a question of perspective, it's now a question of the times, and the times demand it of creators.

Writing for money or not, there comes a time when we are forced to think about how we are going to maintain our property online, not least because with the engagement of followers, about opinions on how we could make a lot of money with the nuances explained, or with content creation for on-demand platforms, one way or another, we would be exposed to a process in which we would be paid for it, even if it was a tip, but we would be paid.

I repeat the times demand this of creators.


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  • Carol Townend3 months ago

    I half write for money and half write for free nowadays. In this world, we have to look for alternative sources of income, and mine is writing.

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