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Ramblings of a Relatively OK Hobbyist

a self-interview

By Matthew FrommPublished 4 months ago 3 min read
Ramblings of a Relatively OK Hobbyist
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This was written in response to Rick's prompt Ten Questions with Rick Henry Christopher. Full details below:

What type of writer do you feel you are?

A relatively OK hobbyist with an overactive imagination, poor command of the English language, and a goldfish brain the minute my eyes see the empty page. Next!

What type of writer do you not want to be?

Someone who publishes self-help. I will not expound further on this at this time.

What do you like about yourself as a writer?

That I enjoy it. I don’t really care if stories are successful or not, although success is always nice and appreciated, but I do it because I enjoy it. The nice part about a platform like Vocal is that it provides access and incentives for what I used to do for free in the dark. So, thank you all for all of your support! I hope you continue to enjoy my ramblings and tales.

What do you look for in other writers?

People who are authentic and engaging. In this day and age of AI, I’ll engage more with those who are active members of the community. While I try not to discriminate when it comes to genres, I’ll also more likely hunt out writers who write engaging and experimental/unique poems and fantasy writers, or if it’s a suggestion from someone who I trust. Basically, if you participated in Rick's prompt, I'll read your stuff.

What do you not like about yourself as a writer?

That I don’t have enough time to do it in a sterile setting. My biggest problem is that I write best at my work desk, which, when weekends and days off roll around, I want to be nowhere near. It’s probably my biggest self-induced roadblock to being anything more than a hobbyist–not that there is anything wrong with that.

Which writing genre or category do you feel is your best?

Fantasy. Easy. Next!

Kidding. To expound a bit, it’s my favorite genre, and it’s the one that I know the tropes of best. Plus, history fascinates me, and it’s the best source of inspiration for stories of knights, kings, and dragons. I can conjure a nice classic fantasy character, plot, damn near a whole world at a moment's notice, but for anything else, I really have to sit and think through, outline, and design before even diving into a story.

In which genre or category do you feel the most challenged?

Probably counter-intuitive to those who follow my works, but it’s Historical Fiction. My problem is that I have too much of a background in historical studies. Because of that, self-doubt creeps in at every single turn, and I struggle to tell myself that the audience doesn’t really care about the specific and frankly unnecessary details of the scene.

When did you first start writing?

As long as I can remember. I wrote more about that very topic below that delves deep into the depths of my psyche:

Why do you write?

Like I said above, frankly, because I enjoy it. It was the natural progression of playing games and building legos growing up, during which I would constantly craft my own narratives. Now, I have a healthy and productive outlet to do that, and I feel like a productive member of society, bringing something new and beautiful into the world. As an added bonus, it gives me hope that one day, I might be able to quit my day job and go about creating day in and day out.

This last question is off-topic. If you could be part of any television sitcom family, which one would it be and why?

Hmmmmm, tough one. I think I would have to go with Ted Lasso. For one, I’d get to live in England, and then I’d also have good people around me constantly who are just trying to do the right thing for the betterment of everyone. I had thought about Scrubs (a criminally underrated series), but being a doctor sounds like way, way too much stress. I don’t do stress.



If you've enjoyed this, please leave a like and an insight below. If you really enjoyed this, tips to fuel my coffee addiction are always appreciated. All formatting is designed for desktops. All my works can be found below:


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Matthew Fromm

Full-time nerd, history enthusiast, and proprietor of random knowledge. The best way to find your perfect story is to make it yourself.

Here there be dragons, and knights, and castles, and quests for entities not wished to be found.

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  • Test4 months ago

    Exceptional work! Keep up the remarkable progress

  • Paul Stewart4 months ago

    Marvellous work, pal. When I read the title I knew it was for this prompt and knew I was going to have a smile on my face the whole time. I like how honest you are about your situation and how comfortable you feel within yourself as a writer. For a relatively OK hobbyist, you do a mean piece of poetry and fantasy! The self-help thing and the historical fiction thing totally get...there are things I feel I know quite a bit about...but feel if I wrote about them...I'd constantly have to feel nervous about how accurate I got it. The self-help thing is a given. Though I often think about doing a Bryan from Family Guy and writing a mock one haha! Well done on this - this was another gem from the mind of the Frommster. New name?

  • Lol, fantasy is definitely your forte! You're such so brilliant at it! I struggle the most with fantasy. I work well with what already exists but I'm like so unable to create something from scratch. Hats off to you!

  • Lamar Wiggins4 months ago

    Loved the title. Hope you find more time to write. I know the thoughts are always hovering. I need to actually finish some of my WIP instead of starting new ones. I've got stories that say, "last saved -1yr ago" Can't bring myself to delete them, just yet. How many do you have going?

  • I thoroughly enjoyed this self interview... I had to go and read one of your fantasy pieces... WOW!!! You sure nailed it... keen to read more!

  • Celia in Underland4 months ago

    Emjoyed your responses a lot :) Self-help answer made me laugh out loud! 🤍

  • Hannah Moore4 months ago

    Maybe I'm gonna have to do this challenge if you're going to read me... That historical fiction thing really surprised me! But then made TOTAL sense.

  • Mother Combs4 months ago


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