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If you are struggling with self-confidence read this,

An insight from my journey

By Hridya SharmaPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
If you are struggling with self-confidence read this,
Photo by Anastasiia Malai on Unsplash

If you are struggling with self-confidence read this,

Acceptance is the key to being confident in your abilities. I recently participated in a marketing case study competition Case-O-Mania organized by IIM Lucknow. I am elated to share that I was selected as the Top 7 finalists amongst 770+ participants and presented my case in front of the esteemed panel of Pepper Content. It was indeed a great learning experience and the feedback provided by the jury helped me grow my horizons on the practices of the content marketing ballgame. I hold immense pride in being a part of these events as they help me grow as a person and foster more confidence in my abilities. But someone wisely said a journey of a thousand miles begins with a simple step. Here is an insight into my journey-

From being an introverted adolescent who was shy and underconfident in her abilities to share her partake and opinions in the public eye. I started participating in events and competitions that compelled me to put myself out there. In 2020, I started my blog on Instagram and started networking with people online. Over time I met amazing poets, industry professionals, mentors and learned individuals who shaped my mindset in holistic ways. Today as a freelance writer, award-winning poet, author, blogger, mental health advocate, marketing and business enthusiast and public speaker, I am excited about the new journey I am striding on and confident in my abilities as I explore the beauties of new projects and endeavours. Here are certain reminders and learnings that helped me propel my confidence.

1)Know that your worth does not depend on someone else’s opinion of you- Your actions should be propelled from innate belief rather than based on external validation and appreciation of your worth. The only person who can have a correct opinion of you is yours.

2)Get comfortable doing the uncomfortable- While this is wholly individualistic based on your abilities and situation, another way of building your confidence is stepping out of your comfort zone every single day. It does not need to be grandiose in its entirety, but something that feels innately difficult and doing it consistently over time builds your confidence.

3)Define what success means to you- The innate desire and perception people hold for what success means to them varies from one to another. What does success look like to you, how do you define your core objectives of achievement, recognition and monetary needs? Once you recognise your core, make up a vision board of what success looks like to you and work towards it backwards.

4)Put yourself out there and get rejected more often- The only way to truly radiate self-confidence is by holding your stance in yourself in the face of rejection. Go to more events, apply for that job that you feel underqualified for, and submit that piece of writing that you think is not good enough. The more comfortable you are with rejection, the less you are prone to self-doubt.

5)The only person you need to compare your journey to is yourself- The existence you are currently striding upon is a manifestation of one of the dreams your younger self used to dream about. You are living your life in competition or comparison to no one else but yourself. When you feel you have lost your sight to the shore, that is when you learn to navigate your sail through the dynamic waters of life. It is humane to feel inadequate when you fail, but remember you have the power to change the reality to live in.

When you believe in yourself and your abilities, that is when the beauty of life starts to show.

Hope this helps.

What do you do to increase your confidence, let me know in the comments below:)

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