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The Beauty of Gratitude in a world full of Cynicism

Here's how can cultivate an abidance mindset in a world full of negativity

By Hridya SharmaPublished 2 months ago 4 min read

The beauty of gratitude in a world full of cynicism

Ever acquainted with the phrase that the world that you exist in, the life that you embody dwells in the perception of the stance you hold for yourself. The beauty and the tragedy of life is that it is as beautiful as the optimistic lens of perception and as ugly as the pessimistic view of your being. The strive of our endeavours and the constant effort to achieve the next massive milestone often drive us to the edges of insanity, to be in the consistent light of greatness we lose sight of the great strings of joy that bind our existence together. To be the best we have ever been we must be mindful of the best we are. Coinciding in the traps of negativity and yet claiming to be the best version of yourself is a blinding truth that lies to only you. Acceptance of what was and what is the only path that will lead you to what it is that you are meant to be.

The universe we constitute our tiny worlds in is believed to be a manifestation of what we hold of ourselves. It is the reflection of what thoughts we perceive ourselves in, the content we consume and the actions that we take to build ourselves and break our essence. As we bestride the wave of change, the beauty of uncertainty strikes at our door leaving us to question the sense of self we hold in our minds. Oftentimes we behold ourselves to be victims of dejection, hopelessness and ungratefulness towards life. In moments of sorrow or uncertainty, it is the shift of perspective from the shadows that surmount to the tiny speckle of light that whispers its presence if we walk towards it, that marks the abundance of an optimistic new beginning. While it is not in our hands to control the circumstances that surround us, the energy we choose to reflect is believed to be the truth of the situation. While it is important to grieve and feel your emotions and the pain that stings to the core, staying in the hollowness of pain will not affect anyone but you. Whenever you are ready, learn to sit down and accept whatever reality you forge. As you do that, here are certain practices that will help you cultivate an abundance mindset

1)Know that nothing can be changed- Whatever happened in the past cannot be changed, it is necessary to know that your past mistakes, actions or opinions do not define you. Your life is a clean slate awaiting a new tale to be written

2)Take time to take care of yourself- Know that self-care is not selfish, you are not a bad person if you take things at your own pace. Life is not a race that requires you to compete with others.

3)Learn to be grateful for something every day- Whether it is your morning coffee, the small wins you had or even just being alive and being surrounded by people who love you, being grateful allows you to shift your mindset towards the beauty that surrounds you.

4)Reflection and Journaling- Reflect on how far you have come and practice gratitude journaling every morning as you wake up. As you spend your mornings being grateful for how far you have come, you build confidence in everything you want to achieve in life.

5)Learn new skills- Whether it is dancing, cooking or art, pick up a new skill and practice it consistently. Learning is another great way to build an abundance mindset.

6)Set achievable goals- Set three major goals for the day that work according to you and dedicatedly work on achieving them daily. When you work on yourself and commit to the task you have promised to do, your mind builds the fortitude and discipline to be consistent over time

7)Be disciplined- Set a routine for yourself and stick to it, allow yourself to be adaptable to the uncertainties of the day yet be mindful of the schedule that you have planned to follow.

8)Do Not seek external validation- While it feels good to be praised for your work or achievements or your appearance, know that if the only way you feel good about yourself is when someone else has a positive opinion about you, it means your confidence can dwindle with the gush of the slightest wind of negative beliefs or comments. Learn to derive your sense of validation from your being, The only correct opinion that anyone can have about you is yours, so make sure it is in high spirit

9)Limit social media and comparison- Social media is the virtual display of the concealed lives of people who want to prove that they are living their best. Know that you are not living a life for the public eye or anyone else but you, you are the only person who needs to make sense of your journey.

10)Have Faith- Sometimes we get too bogged down by the negativity of life, but it is important to understand that you will get through whatever you are going through. Live in the present moment with ease, knowing that whatever is meant for you will find its way for you and everything will always end up working in your favor no matter what

Breathe, relax, rest and unwind,

Whatever is meant for you will find its way to you,’

In the due course of time

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