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Maserati's new Grecale limited time concept store arrives

The world's leading Italian ultra-luxury car brand

By JabbPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
Maserati Grecale

The new Grecale limited-time concept store has arrived. The new Grecale concept store in Chengdu is the first of its kind in the Southwest region, offering a journey of speed and artistic inspiration to the many fans of the Trident.

Complementing the unique design aesthetics and fearless innovation of the new Grecale, the limited-time concept store is located in Chengdu's new trendy art landmark - MC HOUSE. Since its grand opening in the heart of Chengdu's commercial hub, Swire Properties, the store has received a lot of attention. As an integrated curatorial experience space, MC HOUSE is inspired by the "Chengdu Garden" and has created the FUTURE GARDEN, NOWADAY GARDEN, RETRO GARDEN, and the first physical and virtual symbiosis in China. XF META GARDEN. Combining distinctive modern and classic elements, this "city living room" is offering consumers a new and more dynamic lifestyle experience and is an excellent vehicle to showcase the charm of the new Grecale.

The concept store focuses on the highly anticipated Grecale Trofeo, which stands proudly in the Nowaday Garden, a space that perfectly matches the forward-looking tone of the most interesting and fashionable experiences of the moment. In this special presentation, many fans of the brand will be able to get a closer look at the unique artistry of the new Grecale, which not only demonstrates Maserati's time-honored design philosophy and Italian luxury but will also provide exceptional energy for the everyday driving experience.

Inheriting its pure DNA, Grecale, named after the strong wind that sweeps through the Mediterranean, will play an important role in Maserati's future development. Since its debut in March, the Grecale has already taken the world by storm.

The Grecale Trofeo is a perfect illustration of the fearlessness of the Italian pioneer, and the ultimate Maserati pursuit. The new paintwork is a confident blend of yellow and blue, the colors that represent Modena, demonstrating the unbreakable bond between Maserati and Modena. The vibrant yellow base is interwoven with blue mica to create a sporty aesthetic and a premium feel. As part of the brand's new design philosophy, the intense use of color and craftsmanship complement each other, while conveying a distinctive aesthetic and artistic effect.

Synonymous with performance beasts, the Trofeo is powered by a V6 engine with a maximum output of 530 hp, backed up by Maserati's Twin Spark Plug Pre-ignition Chamber (MTC) technology, with a top speed of 285 km/h and acceleration to 100 km in 3.8 seconds. At the same time, the model pays more attention to the application of high-performance materials, such as exposed 3D carbon fiber and perforated leather, with a V-shaped sporty design, making the model more dynamic and energetic.

The new Grecale immersion experience was complemented by the opportunity to receive a digital artwork created by Mr. Luo Dan, an outstanding young contemporary Chinese artist. Inspired by the passionate collision of colors, the rhythm of music, and the mystery of light, this joint work celebrates the exceptional soul engraved in the brand's DNA and carried in the new Grecale with a passionate storm of colors. In addition to the creative and customized digital artwork, guests will also receive a special Grecale creative physical poster as an exclusive souvenir.

The new Grecale's inner artistic energy is continuing to grow, in line with the never-ending passionate energy of the brand. In line with the positive response to the brand's campaign, Maserati has teamed up with new-generation art creators Shi Yubin and Gu Zhen to once again launch new digital artworks, which are a powerful interpretation of its pioneering design concept and cutting-edge dynamic energy.

With the name Grecale in mind, the creative art video uses "wind" as the main storyline and artificial intelligence, a symbol of futurism and youthfulness, as a character throughout. The storyline unfolds in a digital world derived from an ancient Italian civilization - a mechanical storm of recklessness in the AI explores until the new Maserati Grecale comes to life. The work of art is a profound tribute to the Italian Renaissance, a historical milestone that leads to the innovative energy of the new Grecale. A hundred years of glory and a contrasting visual representation of the Grecale's unique avant-garde stance.

Maserati, the pioneer of the Italian attitude, continues to break boundaries and will make more artistic crossover attempts in the future, further demonstrating that Grecale brings luxury and exceptional experiences to everyday life while portraying the majestic energy embedded in the brand's DNA.

From now until June 19, this artistic feast of romance and passion will continue to be staged at MC HOUSE in Chengdu, where the extraordinary fun from Trident will never end.


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