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People tend to treat people like used cars.

By K. Wisendanger Published 27 days ago Updated 27 days ago 5 min read
Photo by Tofan Teodor on Unsplash

I miss it when I was treated like a Ferrari.

Now, my buyer has fallen in love with a Harley.

My buyer was delighted with my model and make.

I can't think of anything about me that my buyer would hate.

Could it be that my new car smell started to dissipate?

Why is it that true love deviates?

Is it too late to mediate?

I take care of my buyer. For years, I have been getting him from point A to B in all his endeavors in life. But, when I need maintenance he does not take care of me. What could be the reason why he refuses to reciprocate?

I have given him all the warning signs that something is wrong with me internally, I don't know how many times I have to reiterate.

But then again I should've known that a relationship has no warranty, and on one end of the relationship, feelings will begin to depreciate.

He has always asked, "How do I feel about bringing Harley into our relationship to spice things up and make it more thrilling?"

But I shot down the thought - remaining stubborn, and unwilling. How can a Harley even compare to me? I refuse to cohabitate.

He just has to pick between the two of us. I am a Ferrari! I am not going to be the one he eliminates.

By Tom Garritty on Unsplash

Time passes...

tic, tock, tic, tock.

I once had a nice strut, a plush interior, and an open mind similar to a convertible.

Later on down the line, the road of love wore down the shocks.

My buyer kept looking at magazines full of Harley's; I took this personal.

I guess he thought my deteriorating condition was irreversible.

I purposely did things to push him away - like not assisting him in his goals in getting him where he wants to go in life. I did things to get him to succumb to my needs and wishes. I thought I was in power until he connected cables from this Harley to my battery terminals.

It became apparent that my power trips were indeed reversible.

My check engine light supplied my buyer with many fair warnings.

But, it didn’t matter to my buyer - just as long as I was still operating, and performing.

I gave my owner every sign that I was not sure how far we were going to make it.

Despite the blatant warnings, my owner didn’t bother to take the time and patience to conduct routine, preventative, maintenance.

By Christelle Hayek on Unsplash

I miss it when I was treated like a Ferrari!

Now, my buyer has moved on to a Harley.

On the showroom floor, my buyer was once amazed with my exterior.

As time progressed, my paint deteriorated.

My buyer refused to refurbish me. The more my buyer looked at my paint, the more my buyer became disgusted with me. I am so heartbroken and infuriated.

People view me as a Ferrari but I don't feel like myself; I feel ugly and unappreciated.

Sometimes your beauty, and how you feel about yourself can be overweighted - as compliments feel more like exaggerated superlatives and understatements.

I should've known money could buy love, because if money couldn't buy my love then there wouldn't be such a thing called a downpayment.

Sometimes, I wish our interiors were superior when compared to our exteriors.

I had a good upbringing. The makers of my particular model and make were great.

But, my particular make is obsolete.

I am old-fashioned. I feel like I am in the wrong era. I am viewed as out of place but in reality, I am too unique.

Sometimes I wonder, do I need an owner to travel, and feel complete?

Soon, my buyer will look into getting another one of me - picking and

choosing amongst several ones similar to me out of the fleet.

There are several brands of Ferrari's. Women are not cheap. But they are not like me and they wouldn't stand a chance against me even if they wanted to compete.

By Rivage on Unsplash

Was it my buyer or was it my manufacturer that made a huge mistake...?

As time progresses, a buyer and their vehicle become mates.

But, when things naturally become faulty, broken, and bent out of shape

the required time for maintenance is what the buyer will always fail to acknowledge and appreciate.

I guess, as long as I am still running, and performing,

there will always be neglect in regards to the "service required soon warnings."

I guess I wasn't his speed and he was looking for a cheaper faster set of wheels: I must be too expensive for him and boring.

This Harley for some reason, was more thrilling and alluring.

I guess I was just around for the mere purpose of sporting.

But he was with me, a FERRARI! He acted as if he didn't experience the feelings of courting.

By Austin Neill on Unsplash

I miss it when I was treated like a FERRARI!


he has left me for a Harley.

My model was not cost-efficient, and I did not keep up with the modern times.

I was not up to speed,

which caused my buyer to go to the next vehicle to better suit their needs.

All this vehicle and buyer partnership needed was routine maintenance.

But, it was ignored due to the owner's evasive laziness.

The roads he has exposed me to in life did nothing but tease me.

I did not learn anything but I do not need the road, the road needs me.

Was I too superficial and needy?

I refused to compromise, I am not the one for bargains, negotiations, and treaties.

Could it be that he was not looking to own me, he was only looking to buy and lease me?

Owning is hard, but buying is always easy.

By Greg Rosenke on Unsplash

I sure do miss it when I was treated like a FERRARI!

My buyer went to the next vehicle; a HARLEY!

When things become old, people will always discard me.

Instead of accepting people for who they are, and their flaws, and refurbishing the state of relationships by polishing the blemishes and scars,

people will always look for the best new thing - treating people like used cars.

I have learned people in general only want things to suit their best interests, and not for pure intentions solely.

That's why people are looked at as an A.U.T.O.

They have Aspirations of Using Them Only.

fact or fiction

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A literary architect who builds worlds with words.

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