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Women see dating as a process similar to finding employment.

By K. Wisendanger Published about a month ago 4 min read
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Here is another day of putting in applications.

I wonder if intellectuality is a minimum qualification...

Is a relationship viewed as a temporary occupation?

I was never a husband, but I once had a work-wife. My resume should satisfy her preferred qualifications.

All I want is to be paid respect; I have negotiable terms when it comes to salary expectations.

There are hiring signs all over the community,

but I am looking for a long-term opportunity.

Please give me your all, not your minimum wage.

Commitment & loyalty is what I initially expect to be paid.

I graduated from many relationships;

love is my technical trade.

Your heart is in good hands, I am certified in CPR.

I have reliable transportation to be able to come to see you even though I don't have a car.

I hope I am not disqualified because of my experience and age;

I was walking down the street, and WOW! She is attractive, what a beautiful view. The way the tight-fitted dress advertised her body; she looked so good in blue.

She seems only business-minded.

From crowds, she remained divided.

She constantly only looked at the zipper part of my pants. Could she only be sex-guided?

I approached her and asked her on a date and she accepted. I wonder is it too good to be true...?

I can't believe I finally got a date, or should I say I got scheduled for an interview.

A first impression is the best impression.

If I don’t display my best, she may become convinced I am not her type.

She was not concerned with basic questions like "Can I read and write?"

She was only concerned with one thing. She only had one open position for a plumber. She was only focused on my familiarity with causing leaks and the lengths of pipes.

Wait. Don't plumbers fix leaks instead of causing leaks...? What did she mean by this? I guess I will find out once she calls me back to tell me if I got the job in about a week.

She didn't care if I was "hot looking" but I am not the lowest temperature on the scale of Fahrenheit.

Am I pleasing to her eye?

I hope I am at least defined as mediocre in her sight.

I got the job. She referred to me as her "toyee." I corrected her and said, "Did you mean to say employee?" She replied "Yeah, something else was on my mind. I was thinking of the word boy and the word toy and meant to say employee."

On the first day, I was sexually oriented to all of her qualifications.

Then, my work performance cost me a disqualification.

Damn, a man needs a break, can I get a vacation?

She fired me due to insubordination.

All because I told her no; being a nympho wasn't a part of my initial job description.

Now it all makes sense -as I did not initially pay attention.

She was only looking for a plumber that is capable of causing leaks.

Meaning, that she was only looking for an encounter... an encounter that is intimate and discrete.

In other terms, she was in search of a man who was able to lay pipe causing her to squirt and orgasm when they were in between the sheets.

I succeeded, but her requests were excessive; three times daily she wanted me to make her pink sink leak.

She was only seeking a temp not one for keeps.

I didn’t know sex was required for the entire 40 hours of this 40-hour occupation.

It seems as if I had to do other duties as required - a sudden change of position.

Within the employment contract, there were hidden standards, terms, and conditions.

I wanted to go further and get promoted to being her husband, but obviously, that wasn't a part of her intentions.

I gave her everything she expected. She did not pay me respect.

She barely gave me a commission.

She broke my heart,

and I was laid off once again with no worker's compensation.

I didn't know a relationship was on a so-called "permanent period of probation"

I wish relationships were not temporary situations.

I am not currently looking for any other employment whether it is permanent or seasonal.

Employer’s reasons for getting rid of you obviously can be without reason or, unreasonable; some women have superficial standards instead of making them as low as reasonably achievable.

I never had any corrective action situations , because we never had confrontations.

This time around, it was the employer who falsified information.

I remember her statements during our initial conversation;

she failed to mention this was a "40-hour temporary work-for-hire sexual occupation".

I slipped and fell in love with no workers' compensation.

Now I’m laid off with a broken heart.

I’m done shopping for love; I am now employed as a freelance mystery shopper without a shopping cart.

I remained PRN, and from time to time she would still call me at odd times of the night for odd jobs, then would kick me out of her house requesting me to depart.

I should've known she was a temp service and she was only looking for men as needed from the start.


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