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Deeper Than What We Hear

Music serves two purposes: entertainment, and sinister subconscious influence.

By K. Wisendanger Published about a month ago Updated about a month ago 6 min read
Deeper Than What We Hear
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Music serves dual purposes: entertainment and subliminal influence.

It increases your blood flow to the brain regions that generate and control emotions.

Music can involuntarily cause you to shake your ass, and perform other choreographed moves with your head, and other extremities while it alters your mood and energy.

Music can also be soothing, and surreal causing you to bask in your imagination and memory,

sparking past experiences - as the vibe causes vivid imagery.

But there also are hideous aspects within some music that are secluded.

For some, the catchy infectious repetitive tunes are not tiresome, as we only concentrate on how music makes us feel.

Unconsciously, when your ears absorb the harmony and your soul digests the brooding melody, it diminishes the tread of your free will.

Music is one of the weapons the devil wields to make evil seem more fair seeming.

This is done by normalizing conduct which would initially be considered demeaning and by glorifying language that initially would have an offensive grammatical meaning.


But if these words were used absent from music you would tell them to stop.

The devil has even contaminated gospel, a genre of music you would think would be nothing less than spiritually redeeming.

But not all gospel, which is stands for ghost-spell, is God-leaning.

What you may think is a catchy song really has a sinister ulterior meaning

designed to alter your mind, and state of being.

One song that has an underlying message is called “Troubles” performed by Irish Rock Band U2. The song is included on their highly successful album “Songs of Innocence.” The song repeats the lyrics “somebody stepped inside your soul; little they robbed and stole, till’ someone else was in control”. The song is cleverly architected leaving listeners to wonder if the song’s lyrics hints towards a failed relationship, or the peeling of Satan’s fingers from the clench of one’s soul.

Another song is by rap legend DMX called “Damien” on his debut multi-platinum album “It’s dark and hell is hot.” The song is inspired by the film “The Omen” and Damien, the devil’s son. The song is a melancholy tune with an iniquitous dialogue that switches voices between DMX and Damien. The character Damien in the song has DMX repetitively performing iniquitous acts to attain prestige, and other material gains that suit his desires. DMX is curious to who the Damien character is until the very end of the song when Damien reveals who he is as his devilish intent comes to light. Isn’t ironic how Lucifer means “light bearer” and who Damien is comes to the light? So, when DMX referred to himself as Dark man, was that his way of straying away from Lucifer “the light-bearer”? Moving along, at the end of the song Damien throws a curveball at DMX in which to attain wealth, and material gain he is given the ultimatum to kill a friend from the past. Does this sound familiar? This is like the great sacrifice of someone you really care for and love or a sacrifice of your morality that is naturally synched within your individuality to gain prestige and material property.

The song then ends with the lyrics “You told me you will give me your right hand that is what you said” persuasively stated by Damien. DMX faintly responds, “Now I see that there is nothing but trouble ahead.”

The songs hook continuously loops the phrase “the snake, the rat, the cat, the dog, how are you going to see them when you are living in the fog” then ends with the words “to be continued” followed by a demented laugh. The words “to be continued” subliminally hints the devil will not stop and is in a no holds barred fight with mankind.

The devil is constantly at work - mercilessly tempting to veer mankind from the path of righteousness by any means necessary throughout their life journey.

When you are going through hardships in your life the devil at first appears as a comforter, and humble helper with good intentions —subtlety providing proposals to cure suffering, pain, and hardship. The promises the devil makes are like love at first sight or that too good to be true feeling. At first like any honeymoon phase it is like music to the ears as he effortlessly provides you anything you wish for as he deceptively removes your hope and faith in God suggesting “where was God when you were in hardship?” “If it was not for me, you would have nothing.” while he love bombs you – strategically showering you with lure and rewards. He also proposes the question “Could you have got this far on your own accord”? The devil sub textually convinces mankind into accepting him by creating adverse situations forcing them to bend their will to his liking with hopes mankind will grow weary, give up, and get tired of fighting - giving him their souls in exchange for statuses, abstract aspirations, and material things that mankind finds enticing.

He continues to gain jurisdiction over your soul over the course of your life journey, the soul which is a spiritual attribute, in which God is primarily the power of attorney. He does this so he can prove that mankind is not divinely sturdy by them giving up their divine eternal essence for things that are perishable and earthly so he can finally say these words to God “you see, mankind will always be unworthy”.

But what does DMX mean by the snake, the rat, the cat, and the dog in the song? Could the snake be the devil or people pretending they are for you but really, have underlying reasons and hidden agendas? Could the rat be the snitch? Could the cat be women, sex, or people who have sneaky attributes? Could the dog be true friends, ones loyal to you, or people who have your best interest at heart? Could the fog be things like alcohol, drugs, or other things that cloud your judgment, and inhibit you from making sound decisions? Could the fog be your misperception? Could the fog be misty distractions like obsession, excessive love, that psychologically induces your mind to immerse yourself in an alternate reality – a reality that appears real, and when you go to touch it, like a cloud or gaseous substance your hand just goes right through it. This is the moment when you realize what you thought you can feel, you really could not feel it even if you wanted to, because it was abstract, and never concrete. From a distance what it appeared to be was merely an optical illusion. Your mind distorted its image – manufacturing what you wanted it to be, instead of accepting something for what it truly is, causing a distortion in everything you see.

The term right hand that is used by Damien in the song is synonymous to Lucifer in the Bible primarily being god’s right-hand man before he was evicted out of the heavens. Throughout the Damien song series in which there are three parts Damien 1, Damien 2, and Damien 3, Damien persistently tries to contort DMX—continuously prompting him to sell his soul in exchange for fame, wealth, and material wishes. Through strong will and faith, DMX was skillfully able to dodge everything the devil dishes at him - thwarting the devil from getting him to fall to his mercy through fame, material wishes, and other things that are earthly. He was very strong and would not even accept a cup of water from the devil even if he was dehydrated and thirsty. That is the extent you must go to, in order to prove that you are worthy.

No matter the genre, whether it be rap, rock, pop, R and B, classical, jazz, reggae, or soul,

the devil uses music for only one goal.

M.U.S.I.C. stands for


Used To Get


In The Devil’s


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  • Mike Singleton - Mikeydredabout a month ago

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