Important Details Every Millennial Car Lover Cares for

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Years of experience have shown that there are things a great majority of people born from 1980-1996 find important when buying a car. Here is a brief overview of them.

Important Details Every Millennial Car Lover Cares for

Selling a product to Millennials is quite a challenging task due to many reasons. To begin with, they are the most diverse generation when it comes to their ethnic and cultural background. Next, they are the most educated generation, which means they really know what kind of product they’re after. Last but not least, they place more value on individuality that any other generation before them. So, finding something that is universally applicable when it comes to products that would interests Millennials is a real challenge. However, despite all the obstacles, years of experience have shown that there are things a great majority of people born from 1980-1996 find important when buying a car. Here is a brief overview of them.

They want your website to provide all information

Millennials will never visit a dealership without having first checked its website. What’s more, the site has to provide all relevant information about the cars on offer and be visually pleasing. You can count on them also spending hours and hours reading reviews of models they’re interested in. Basically, they never step a foot on the lot unprepared.

Value for money

Just like everyone, Millennials will try to get the best value for their money and will look for various payment options before making the final decision. They are also very concerned about the environment, which means they will look for economical models that leave the lowest possible carbon footprint. Not only do they care about spending less to fill the tank, but they’ll also appreciate models with low CO2 emission.


Millennials rely heavily on technology in their everyday life. So, a reliable navigation system and MP3 connection are a must in a car, as well as any other advanced feature that would improve both safety and the overall experience while driving. More than three quarters of Millennials interviewed for a recent study say that technology that recognises the presence of other vehicles is one of the most desirable features. Similarly, they are willing to pay extra for alternative powertrains, believing that it would help them save money on fuel.

Personalised touches

If there has even been a generation that places so much focus on individuality, it must be the Millennials. They want their car to reflect their personality and their individual image. However, they are fully aware that personalisation and affordability don’t always mash, which is why they look for inexpensive touches that make their cars stand out, such as unique personalised number plates, which make their cars really original.


Millennials find convenience features extremely important. That’s why they’re more likely to buy a model with a 360-degree surround-view camera system, which uses cameras located around the car to help them check for children and objects around the car, especially when backing up and parking. Also, they seem to be fond of auto-dimming mirrors, which help prevent driver distraction from bright lights in the rear-view mirror by sensing light, especially from the headlight of a car following behind, that is cast on the mirror. The glass automatically darkens to prevent glare from bothering the driver.

Other extras

Since most cars allow for various electronic devices to be charged, those enabling fast USB charging are of particular interest to Millennials. The typical USB outlet in a car charges at 0.5 amps and if an app is being used, their phone may lose charge even when plugged in. That’s why many modern cars have at least a 1.5-, 2.0- or 2.4-amp rating and the newer USB Type-C plugs support up to 3 amps of charging. Another highly desirable feature is the keyless entry. The car senses that the fob is nearby, without the driver having to press any button on the fob. This feature is great for locking or unlocking a vehicle without having to fish for the keys in your pocket or bag. Some systems unlock the door automatically if they sense the key is nearby, but others require drivers to touch a button on a front-door handle. Some vehicles can also unlock and raise the tailgate or trunk by sensing the fob’s presence. Finally, to make sure everyone in the car feels comfortable, Millennials will look for models that feature multi-zone climate systems. Such systems allow drivers and passengers to set their own temperature for their climate zone. New models often let rear-seat passengers have their own climate controls, which is great when the whole family is travelling.

As you can see, Millennials are quite specific and they know exactly what they want from a car. That’s why the models they’re after need to have features that allow economical and safe rides that are also enjoyable and all that is a car that is personalised as much as possible.

Marie Nieves
Marie Nieves
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