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Driving with Invalid License – Be Aware of Bad Consequences On Your Way

by Amna Khan 11 months ago in how to

Invalid License

Driving without license, not matter wherever in the world you are, is nothing except a red alert for everyone else on the road. Having your vehicle on the road with an invalid license is but a crime at your part as you are not only putting your life at stake but also endangering that of every other road user. Whether, by doing this, you are aimed at having some adventure or trying to be over smart with traffic rules, know that nothing is going to bring you any good once you are spotted by the traffic officer with Missouri’s invalid driver’s license. In fact, by this, you are committing worst ever mistake of your lifetime as befooling these traffic officers while violating traffic rules is not so easy as you might have thought.

Instead of roaming around in your car with your Missouri’s invalid driver’s license, take the safer route; use public transport or Uber, go along with a colleague or friend or use your own feet to walk the distance rather getting yourself caught into immense trouble in case of driving on your own.

In Missouri, as the driving rules are quite strict so is the punishment in case of violation. An invalid driver’s license, be it a suspended one or revoked, restricts you not to drive with former being temporary restriction and latter as permanent. However, not any of these restrictions come as a surprise but because of your violation of traffic rules. Let’s have a better idea about these two.

In case your Missouri’s invalid driver’s license is because of a suspension then you most probably have been found guilty with either of these: driving while drunk, committing various traffic infractions in a certain time period, failing to render child support, having inadequate car insurance, delaying/ not paying traffic fines/charges and likewise. In any of these cases, you may have to suffer any of the two license suspensions – definite and indefinite. Aimed at letting you rectify the shortcomings, these suspensions get lifted once time lapses or needed conditions are met.

The second type of Missouri’s invalid driver’s license is what you should never endanger yourself for i.e., revocation of your driver’s license for lifetime – with no remedy, no reversal available at all. A few major reasons behind your license being revoked are: serious traffic rules’ violation, age/ serious health issues, false information sharing via DMV documents, caught for stealing gasoline as well as habitual DUI/DWI offender. Revoked licenses, in general, have no turning back yet sometimes a new license gets issued provided that the driver has paid huge fines and has qualified through driving procedures once again.

Regardless of the nature of your invalid driver’s license, you cannot get your license status reinstated by paying off the fines under ‘plead guilty' and presenting in front of traffic court by proceeding yourself under ‘pro see’. Remember, without having an expert traffic ticket attorney at your back, you cannot get yourself out of the mess your lawlessness has created.

Points & The Severity of Your Violation

The severity of your violation determines how many points you receive.

Common Violations: These typically involve a low amount of points, and these may also be contingent on the number of violations committed. Some of the less serious violations may carry:

● Careless and imprudent driving: 2 points

● Excessive speeding: 3 points

● Driving without a license or permit: 4 points

● Knowingly allowing an unlicensed driver to drive: 4 points

Severe Violations: These involve another schedule in accordance with The Missouri DOR, and can become much more severe after subsequent offenses. These offenses can include:

● DUI: 8 points

● Driving with a revoked or suspended license: 12 points

● Obtaining a driver's license by misrepresentations: 12 points

Moving violations committed by commercial motor vehicle drivers may result in additional consequences.

How To Reduce MO Driving Record Points

Over time, your points will be reduced in phases by the MO Department of Revenue. For every year you go without receiving any moving violations, points will be removed.

● ⅓ of your points will be removed if you go without moving violations for 1 year

● ½ of your points will be removed if you go without moving violations for 2 years

● Your points will be reduced to 0 if you go without moving violations for 3 years

Taking a MO Driver Involvement Program may accelerate the process. To verify whether taking one of these programs can reduce the total number of points on your license, contact the Missouri DOR.

As stated above, certain violations may remain on your driving record indefinitely, even if your points have been reduced to zero.

How Long Violations Affect Your MO Record

Generally speaking, MO moving violations will remain on your driving record for 3 years at the very least, and that’s after you’ve paid your MO traffic ticket. In more serious cases, moving violations may remain on your record for even longer. So you have to be very careful about it.

● If you have had your license suspended or revoked because of a ticket, the violations could remain on your record for up to 5 years, and that doesn’t even begin until the day your license was reinstated.

● Certain traffic violations, such as failure to maintain insurance, can result in violations remaining on your record indefinitely.

Frequently Asked Questions

● Can I check my driver record? Call (573) 526-2407 to obtain information regarding traffic tickets, suspension and revocation related information, and other pertinent info.

● How can I get my driving privilege reinstated? This depends entirely on the type of suspension, revocation, or denial actions on your record. Contact the Missouri Department of Revenue for more information.

● Where do I appeal my suspension/revocation/denial of my driver’s license? These can be appealed in the circuit court of the county in which you live. This must be done within 30 days following your notice of suspension/revocation/denial.

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